Bad weather in Tuscany, regional state of emergency decreed: families away from home in Vaglia

Bad weather in Tuscany, regional state of emergency decreed: families away from home in Vaglia
Bad weather in Tuscany, regional state of emergency decreed: families away from home in Vaglia

Fallen trees in Florence, a dozen families away from home on the hill of Bivigliano in Vaglia, due to a violent hailstorm on Sunday, which damaged the houses and destroyed the Mercy car park where only an ambulance was saved from the grains of ice. These are some of the effects of bad weather on the Tuscan capital and on the surrounding hills to which the civil protection of the Metropolitan City is helping, which has sent rescue teams and talks about heavy damage in a statement.

Regional state of emergency decreed

The president of Tuscany Eugenio Giani decree tonight the regional state of emergency following the wave of bad weather that hit the region yesterday (Sunday 26 September): 72 municipalities involved in a first partial report, do not touch only the provinces of Siena, Livorno and Grosseto, with gusts of wind exceeding 100 kilometers per hour that have blown in the Arezzo area, in Massa Carrara, Pisa and Lucca. The rain fell copious and dense with peaks in the Apuan Alps in Equiterme (101 mm in three hours) and in Campocecina (59.4 mm in one hour, 143.6 in six hours). There was also hail, with grains as large as two or three fingers: for example in Bivigliano in the municipality of Vaglia and in Borgo San Loren in Mugello. At the end of the day, over 450 interventions by the firefighters and 200 returned by volunteers were counted, to remove landslides, branches and trees from the roads. We will collect all the damage declarations that will be presented and documented by the Municipalities – explains Giani – and we will evaluate them based on the financial availability that will arrive from the next budget change. We will decide on the allotment after November, once the most critical period for the autumn warnings and rains has ended. At the junta that met in the evening, the councilor for civil protection Monia Monni illustrated the first count of the criticisms reported so far.

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Fallen trees, flooded underpasses: the damage of bad weather in Tuscany

Hail also over the city, reports come from the districts of Campo di Marte and Gavinana: grains over 4 centimeters in diameter rained down. Parked cars were damaged, including by falling branches, glass broken. In Florence trees and large branches have fallen. They are not currently injured. The rain record would have been in Calenzano, Croci locality, in the northern hinterland with over 50 mm of rain in 30 minutes. It is advisable to pay maximum attention to driving due to the presence on the roadway of numerous debris and flooding, recommends Massimo Fratini, councilor of the Metrocitta ‘delegated to civil protection. 14 civil protection teams from the Municipality of Florence intervened to deal with the damage caused by the storm that struck the city on Sunday. In an hour and a half, more than 24 millimeters of rain fell, the gusts of wind reaching a maximum of almost 53 kilometers per hour


Gives The most urgent reports bivy at the Civil Protection Room of the Metropolitan City of Florence. Several families would have remained away from home. It also appears that the Misericordia has the entire fleet destroyed, with the exception of an ambulance. Damage would also have been done to the roof of the clinics. The mayor of Vaglia has opened the municipal operations center for emergency response. We have activated all the operators and emergency response teams and civil protection volunteers, continues Fratini, who then reports the problems recorded on the road network, in particular on the Sp 17 (in the locality of Leccio) and on the Sp 56. In San Polo in Chianti a light pole fell.

Massa and Carrara

Streets such as rivers, landslides and landslides, flooded underpasses, unusable stations, uprooted trees and ended up on cars; open roofs. Half an hour of fear between the municipalities of Massa and Carrara on Sunday afternoon, where a violent storm struck which caused inconvenience and damage, especially on the roads and traffic, which was interrupted for about three hours. The traffic remained blocked with roads becoming rivers and impassable viaducts. It rained heavily for about half an hour, with violent gusts of wind that uncovered roofs, including that of the Carrara swimming pool and the church of Bergiola, a mountain hamlet of Massa, where the parish priest is claiming damages for thousands of euros this morning. Plants and trees, even tall trees, have been lifted by the wind, uprooted with all their roots, and glided over gardens, parked cars, sheds and in the middle of the roads. The Aurelia was interrupted at the industrial area by a pine that crossed both carriageways. A man stuck in the underpass of the Massa stadium with his car: the water reached the windows and the intervention of the firefighters was necessary to save him. The Massa station was also flooded. Many homes were left without electricity and without a telephone signal due to a blackout. In Forno, another mountain hamlet, a tree fallen on the high current wires, dangerously reached the ground. For hours on the territory the teams of municipal technicians, the municipal police, civil protection, firefighters and law enforcement were engaged. These were very strong storm gusts – explained the mayor of Massa Francesco Persiani from the Coc room – derived from precipitation cells from Liguria which, due to the high temperature found on our coast, became energized, giving rise to the storm. In Massa the wind reached 141 km / h in 30 minutes. Qhis morning some schools remained closed to inspect the buildings, including the Minuto hotel institute in Marina di Massa and the Enrico Fermi scientific high school.

On the roads

Other traffic problems occurred on the Sp 4 Volterrana in Chiesanuova, and along the other provincial roads in Bagno a Ripoli, Molin del Piano, Pian di Melosa, Sant’Ellero and San Clemente, Figline, Passo della Colla in Mugello. We are following, in constant contact with the Civil Protection, the developments of the situation following the violent storm that hit Florence and the metropolitan area – the metropolitan mayor Dario Nardella wrote on Fb on Sunday evening -. Local police and firefighters are busy in these hours to manage damage and emergencies. To date, damage has been recorded in particular due to falls of plants and large branches.

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