Giorgetti: «Calenda well in Rome». Bomb on the League: high tension with Salvini

Giorgetti: «Calenda well in Rome». Bomb on the League: high tension with Salvini
Giorgetti: «Calenda well in Rome». Bomb on the League: high tension with Salvini

«Whatever I say now I am always exploited. The truth? I am touring Italy far and wide to promote the center-right candidates. Let alone if I support Calenda… ». Giancarlo Giorgetti tries to put a piece on it after a morning spent explaining that the meaning of the interview with “La Stampa” was different. Yet to re-read the statements of the Minister of Economic Development one understands the all-League intolerance for the candidate chosen for Rome by FdI and endorsed by the entire center-right. «If Calenda goes to the ballot with Gualtieri he has a good chance of winning. And, net of the exuberance – says Giorgetti in the interview – it seems to me that it has the right characteristics to manage a complex city like Rome ». Then the addition on Guido Bertolaso ​​who, according to the League minister, would have been the right candidate of the center-right in the capital while Sala in Milan will win “in the first round”.


Claims that unleash the wrath of allies. Antonio Tajani, fresh from his meeting with Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi, invites Giorgetti “to campaign in Varese”. Giorgia Meloni also has a hard time: besides defending Michetti, she says that “if someone in the center-right prefers to let the left win, it’s her problem”. If it is true, as the holder of the Mise argues, that Calenda’s victory depends on how much “he will be able to intercept the vote coming out of the right”, it means taking for granted a sort of liquefaction of the coalition that cannot fail to alarm Matteo Salvini. The secretary of the League, while avoiding arguing with his minister and feeding the idea of ​​a League on the verge of splitting, intervenes to defend the center-right candidates in Rome and Milan. “Michetti and Bernardo will be excellent mayors”, Salvini merely reiterates. Silvio Berlusconi also intervenes in defense of Michetti with a “force Enrico” which partially heartens the person concerned. “There is nothing wrong with saying what you think – replies Michetti – so much are the citizens of Rome who decide, it is neither Giorgetti, nor anyone else”. The recipient of the endorsement, Carlo Calenda, obviously thanks and attacks the Democratic Party. “The funny thing – he says – is that while they accuse me of being the candidate of the League for a professional appreciation of Giorgetti, they secretly (not too much) sign the pact with the 5S to bring them in the bargain”. The “dance” of the split vote worries the right and will be the most popular topic in this last part of the election campaign.

The maneuvers

Still in the same interview Giorgetti argues that “the country’s interest is that Draghi immediately go to the Quirinale, that elections be held immediately and that whoever wins them governs”. The minister also says he would like Draghi to “remain there for life”. The point is that «as soon as politically sensitive choices arrive, the coalition will split. In January there will be a year to go before the elections and Draghi cannot endure a year of electoral campaign ». In this case the minister’s sortie does not find hostility especially from the parts of the Democratic Party even if the problem remains of who will manage the implementation of the PNRR. “With all my affection for Minister Giorgetti, I would worry more than today,” says Enzo Amendola, the undersecretary (Pd) who deals with European dossiers, including the PNRR. Giorgetti’s idea of ​​electing Draghi – excluding Mattarella’s encore because Salvini and Meloni “would not vote for him” – is cherished by many majority leaders who are in a hurry to go to the vote. In the lead is Salvini – with whom Giorgetti thus gets in tune, perhaps knowing not to irritate even the direct interested in the League’s strategy – but the prospect does not displease the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte. Greedy also a large part of the Democratic Party refreshed by the German vote, and the same FI which sees an increase in centrist initiatives. Last that of Gianfranco Rotondi.
The prospect does not fascinate the elect, however. Especially those – and there are many – who in various capacities and parties know that they will not return to a Parliament that has a third fewer seats on the next round. To these, those who intend to elect Draghi to the Quirinale will probably have to guarantee to avoid surprises, perhaps with the promise of a new Draghian government – that the legislature will not end for four years, six months and a day.



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