No green passes are blocking motorways in Italy

No green passes are blocking motorways in Italy
No green passes are blocking motorways in Italy

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September 27, 2021 2:02 pm


Tir snail on the Italian roads. The protest against the green pass makes a further step forward and after the now classic Saturday parades in the cities this time it moves to the motorways.

After the “call to arms” through social media and in particular the WhatsApp and Telegram messaging services, the hauliers would have coordinated to kick off a protest action today, Monday 27 September. The truck drivers would have called a strike with the intention of maintaining an extremely slow travel pace, with a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour and 4 arrows of the means of transport lit.

It is, as some banners hanging from the caissons make clear, a form of protest against the green pass. As reported, would be a spontaneous mobilization and no trade association in the transport sector would have confirmed such an initiative. Even without any patronage, however, more than a few drivers of the vehicles seem to have joined the block, so much so that inconveniences and intense traffic are already reported on several motorways.

Complicated situation on the A4, even near Milan and the hinterland, where there are already queues and traffic problems. Impossible to understand how the protest will evolve. On the usual Telegram groups, on everyone “Enough dictatorship“, numerous videos and photographs of the” pickets “in progress were shared, with invitations to create more blocks in the still free highways.


green passes blocking motorways Italy

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