Suicide Giacomo Sartori / Autopsy “death by hanging”, doubts about the last night

He died by hanging Giacomo Sartori, the 29-year-old young man who disappeared from Milan and was found lifeless seven days later. This was confirmed by the autopsy performed on his body and which confirmed the first hypothesis of the investigators, who are investigating for suicide. However, many doubts still remain about the young man’s death, in particular with respect to the dynamics of what happened that night and above all about the reasons that would have prompted the computer scientist from Belluno to go as far as the Pavese countryside – where he had no contacts – to carry out the dramatic gesture.

The first checks, as he reveals Corriere della Sera, focused on Giacomo’s latest movements, made aboard his company car, a Polo: the young man would have arrived in the Cascina Caiella farmhouse area following the route of the company mobile phone that was in the stolen backpack (along with two computers) a few hours earlier while he was spending an evening with friends in a Milan wine shop, in Porta Venezia. Giacomo thus traveled about thirty kilometers, without money or documents, hoping in vain to be able to track down the thieves. The 29-year-old’s latest signal places his mobile phone right in the countryside area of ​​Pavia.

Giacomo Sartori, last night before the suicide: the doubts from the investigations

He would have wandered for a whole night, Giacomo Sartori, before making that still inexplicable gesture. According to the reconstructions, the young man entered the farmhouse courtyard twice, rummaged among the tools and recovered a chain. During the suicide attempt, however, it would break apart. He would have thus recovered a large construction site extension with which he would have taken his own life by hanging himself from a tree. The confirmation comes from the autopsy which found the only lesions present around the neck and compatible with the cable. No signs of physical struggle or violence. However, further tests will be needed to be sure of the exact time of death.

Among other exams that could give interesting information, even those of footprints on the mobile phone left under the tree and on DNA found under the nails. The young man had never shown signs of depression. Just 4 years ago, after he broke up with his girlfriend, he was estranged from the family for a couple of hours. Three months ago Giacomo had suffered the theft of a company PC. His fixed-term contract would expire next June even if colleagues explained to investigators that his reconfirmation was not in question. Would the consequences of the second theft have agitated him to the point of prompting him to make a dramatic gesture? This would also explain the midnight hunt for stolen goods before the suicide.



Suicide Giacomo Sartori Autopsy death hanging doubts night

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