Horseback riding, the Rondinella Imola protagonist throughout Italy

A very busy month for the Circolo Ippico la Rondinella Imola both from an organizational and competitive point of view. On 29 and 30 August the structures of the Rondinella hosted the team that represented Emilia Romagna at the Ponyadi with 9 athletes of the Rondinella out of 15 participants from the Region. From 1 to 4 September the Ponyades were held in Arezzo with many gold medals for the Emilia Romagna team to earn the third step of the podium among all the regions of Italy, needless to emphasize the great contribution to the medals of the athletes of the Rondinella Imola and Carlotta Ridolfi their Technique and team leader of the Region itself.

Just in time to put the ponies in the pits returned from Arezzo, the van was already getting back into motion to bring the Mounted Games open team to Cervia for the third stage of the 4 Regions Tournament which took place from 10 to 13 September. After three days of fierce competitions, the team made up of Lisa Patuelli, Luca Salvi and Gemma Muscari gain fifth position despite the debut of a new pony and another very young pony.

Over the weekend 25-26 September, the protagonist was the complete competition and the simulation of the school essay that took place at the Gese di San Lazzaro di Savena facilities. The event had the function of preparing the Rondinella team for the school rehearsal that will take place in Arezzo from 29 to 31 October. There were 8 athletes from the Rondinella who took to the field in this “new adventure” that has given a lot of results and great satisfaction.

“Very proud and very proud of all of all. It sounds rhetorical I know but… super boys and super ponies… We threw ourselves into a world that is not ours and we had a lot of fun! Obviously there are many things to improve and work on but we liked it so much “. These are the words of the coach Carlotta Ridolfi at the end of the race. The school essay simulation team that ranked first was Tommaso Bassi & Haira Diamonds, Kasia Grementieri & Penny Pittstop, Riccardo Bassi & Checco, Miriam Sohofi & Denver, and Maya Galeati & Lanidan Cain. Together with them, Gaia Linguerri & Big Boy revolution, Graziella Segurini & Oxy del’alba and Giulia Terbio & Smigol also made their full debut.

Tireless technicians and athletes of the Rondinella never stop, in fact the Open team of Mounted games will start on Thursday 30 September and until 3 October will face the other Italian teams in the last stage of the 4 Regions Trophy at Lame di Montefalco (Perugia).


Horseback riding Rondinella Imola protagonist Italy

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