Grado, here is the list of candidates of the Brothers of Italy

Grado, here is the list of candidates of the Brothers of Italy
Grado, here is the list of candidates of the Brothers of Italy

No Pindaric flights, but the promise of a constant commitment to administrative activity and the determination to give life to concrete projects that can “remove Grado from the apathy phase it has experienced in the last five years”.

With these premises, the 16 candidates that the Brothers of Italy are fielding in support of Claudio Kovatsch in view of the municipal elections of 3 and 4 October were presented this morning. Entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, workers in the same sector, but also people involved in the world of culture: a well-assorted team that in recent months has actively collaborated in the creation of the programmatic platform of the center-right coalition, focusing strongly on safety, resolution of the problems of the lagoon and the port, recovery of the structures of Riva Bersaglieri and Villa Ostende, digitization and unbureaucratization, urban decoration and the launch of the thermal center and other tourist facilities linked to the public, “essential for what is the regional capital of tourism”, he stressed the leader of Fdi in the Senate, Luca Ciriani, who spoke at the presentation together with Kovatsch and the provincial coordinator of the party, Francesca Tubetti.

The candidates councilors of the Brothers of Italy are Roberto Borsatti, Giovanni Bredeon, Roberto Camuffo, Adriana Cester, Sarah Cinciripini, Domenico Colella (known as Mimì), Vittoria Corbatto, Maddalena Grillo, Fabrizio Marchioni, Maurizio Patruno, Luigi Petronio, Arianna Pischiutta, Adriano Ritossa, Riccardo Ronchiato, Giorgio Tortora and Antonio Vergaro.


Grado list candidates Brothers Italy

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