Giorgetti is not very optimistic about how the administrative offices for the center-right will go

The Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, one of the main leaders of the League and the main exponent of the more moderate and “government” wing of the party, which for some months has often clashed more or less explicitly with the leader Matteo Salvini, gave a series of rather pessimistic answers on the administrative offices in an interview with Press. When asked who will win the administrative in Rome, Giorgetti replied:

It depends on how much Calenda manages to intercept the outgoing vote of the right. In the downtown neighborhoods I think it will be a significant flow. But I don’t know how the suburbs think. If Calenda goes to the ballot with Gualtieri he has a good chance of winning. And, net of the exuberance, it seems to me that it has the right characteristics to manage a complex city like Rome.

Giorgetti then added that if Roberto Gualtieri from the center-left and Enrico Michetti, the center-right candidate also supported by the Lega, will win the ballot in Rome, Gualtieri will win. “Is Michetti the wrong candidate?” the interviewer Andrea Malaguti then asks him. “I do not know. But I know that the right candidate would have been Bertolaso ​​».

In short, Giorgetti was quite explicit in recognizing that Michetti’s candidacy, a lawyer known mainly for his controversial interventions on Roman radios, is rather weak, as has already been extensively emphasized by analysts and observers. On the administrative in Milan, Giorgetti then says that “Sala can win in the first round”, apparently not very optimistic about the chances of Luca Bernardo, the center-right candidate himself criticized for an electoral campaign full of stumbles and of little significance. Only on Turin Giorgetti seems optimistic, claiming that the entrepreneur Paolo Damilano can win in the second round.

In the interview Giorgetti says various other relevant things and in a rather frank way. For example, that Silvio Berlusconi has “few” chances of being elected president of the Republic, and that Salvini insists on this hypothesis “to avoid talking about other serious matters”. Commenting on another statement by Salvini, the one in which he said he felt “Roman by adoption”, Giorgetti says: “you have to see what the Romans think about it”.

And then Giorgetti concludes by saying that he would like Mario Draghi to remain Prime Minister “for life”, adding, however, that since this cannot happen, his hope is that in January he will be elected President of the Republic, and that afterwards we go to vote.

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