Salvini-Meloni, challenge to the last square. And Matteo argues in the street with Calenda

Salvini-Meloni, challenge to the last square. And Matteo argues in the street with Calenda
Salvini-Meloni, challenge to the last square. And Matteo argues in the street with Calenda

It is the hunt for the last vote for the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini (in the upper circle) and for that of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni (in the lower circle), who last weekend filled up with appointments in sight of the administrative next weekend. The important thing, for the two party leaders, is to bring home consensus, making them perceive the widespread presence on the territory.

In the last two days, the Northern League has opted for a tour in the capital, between Tor Bella Monaca (Saturday), Ostia Lido and the Sunday market of Porta Portese, where he found himself suddenly face to face with Carlo Calenda. The two exchanged a pat on the neck and a pat on the shoulder respectively. “Very bad,” Calenda told Salvini showing him his closed fist. “I can’t be bad,” the former interior minister countered. “But how can you not do it?” Is the right not bad? », The other joked. At that point, one of the Lega candidates, Fabrizio Santori, intervened and said to the leader of the action: “You have to give us a hand later”. Between a few chuckles, the answer was not long in coming: «Do I have to help you? Sure you give it to me first so you arrive fourth ». Shortly after Calenda wrote on social media: «The boy was being witty and this morning we went to see him. Live keeps the feathers low. So good”. Salvini did not take long to reply: “A rich and spoiled gentleman, who today at the Porta Portese market no one spun (unlike many traders and citizens who incited and thanked me and the League) and who had to cross out of breath to exist the road, also passing with the red, to try to attack. Today we responded with education and a smile, the Roman citizens will respond with an avalanche of votes to the League on Sunday and the rich gentleman will then decide who to support in the ballot, since he will not get there ». Shortly after he left for Ostia, where he toured the port in support of the candidate Monica Picca. “What citizens are asking from the League is work and less taxes – he clarified – I let the left deal with the Zan law, drugs and Ius Soli, we think we can defend one hundred, avoid the return to the Fornero Law and convince the government, as we did with Draghi this week, to say no to the increase in the IMU, to the revision of the land registry and to find three billion euros to cut taxes on electricity and gas ».

Fdi leader Giorgia Meloni swam in Bologna, where she went to support the candidate Fabio Battistini. In Piazza Galvani there were thousands of people waiting for her.

“We don’t look at the polls when they reward us or when they say anything else – he explained in an interview with QN -. What matters is the result in the polls »Hundreds of flags present in the square. «There are no battles that cannot be won – he said from the stage -. Bologna is a city that deserves more. A city in which the problem of having a left in the government that is too accustomed to winning, which no longer governs, but limits itself to keeping itself entrenched in a position of power ”. On Saturday she had also sold out in Milan, where many showed her sympathy for her party.


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