Zaniolo is overflowing, but Lazio-Rome are decided by Pedro, Anderson and … Property | First page

Zaniolo is overflowing, but Lazio-Rome are decided by Pedro, Anderson and … Property | First page
Zaniolo is overflowing, but Lazio-Rome are decided by Pedro, Anderson and … Property | First page

Oh my what a derby! Beautiful and breathless. Five goals, a post, opportunities in flurries here and there. Lazio won it, but also applause to Roma. It was 90 minutes of absolute spectacle, of rhythm, intensity, tension. A great Zaniolo was seen again, but it was not enough for Roma. Lazio won it with its external players, with Felipe Anderson’s domination over the unfortunate Viña and with Pedro’s deadly ideas on the other side, both supported by an inexhaustible building that played for others (two assists) rather than for himself (some failed occasions). On the Roma front, the absence of Lorenzo Pellegrini weighed. Two to one for Lazio at the end of the first half, two splendid goals from Milinkovic and Pedro, then Ibanez who shortened after a post by Zaniolo.

Lazio and Rome gave a show, without sparing themselves, without ever lowering the tone of a true, hard, angular, but always fair derby. Sarri’s football appeared on the pitch for the first time with a vertical dribble, but on the other hand, Mourinho’s character never allowed Roma to surrender. She remained in the game even when she was two goals down, after less than 20 minutes in the first half and then also in the second.

1-0 TO APPLAUSE – The goal of the Lazio advantage was a hymn to quality verticalization, to a dribble that rises at a dizzying pace. Throw of Luiz Felipe for Immobile, touch back for Milinkovic, ball returned to Ciro, wide touch for Felipe Anderson while Milinkovic slipped behind Cristante who did not notice the escape, the assist of the wing was a brushstroke , Milinkovic anticipated Rui Patricio with his head who knocked him out with a hand. Ball in the net and yellow deserved for the Portuguese goalkeeper. On that occasion Mancini also made a mistake, who did not absorb Milinkovic’s attack with the lights off.

2-0 FROM I DUBBI – If the action of the first goal was beautiful, quick and difficult to intercept for the Roma defense, that of the 2-0 was even faster, but started with a doubt that will accompany Guida throughout the match. an intervention in the Lazio area by Hysaj on Zaniolo pushed to the ground: if the referee’s whistle had arrived it would have been a penalty. From the Albanian full-back the ball went to Pedro who launched Immobile, while the former Roma player, as Milinkovic had done on the first goal, ran away behind Cristante who could not withstand the tear, an assist from Ciro (Mancini did not find neither the time nor the way to close it), Pedro’s right infield volley and the ball a few centimeters from the post.

BUT ROME WAS IN THE GAME – The story of the two goals could lead one to think that Rome was at the mercy of Lazio, but it was not like that at all. Having said that Cristante, on the defensive level, was a half disaster, Mourinho’s team was alive, and how. Between the two goals he had hit the post (the sixth of his championship: he has the primacy in this specialty) again with Zaniolo (the second consecutive one after the one with Udinese), after a corner of Veretout, a corner born from a nice deviation of Reina on a shot from the edge of the same Frenchman. Immobile, launched by Milinkovic, missed the diagonal of 3-0 and 4 minutes later Roma shortened, with a header by Ibanez who from the near post, screwing on himself, put the ball on the second. Again, corner of Veretout. A defect that Sarri will have to correct: on the corners all the balls were Romanists.

3-1, OTHER COUNTERPIECE – Roma lacked defensive control, when Lazio found space it created serious problems for Rui Patricio. And that space was never lacking. On the counterattack, Sarri’s team also scored the 3-1: Luis Alberto launch to Luis Alberto, therefore a launch from a great number 10, Immobile ran off on the counterattack and led him in a spectacular way waiting for the trailer of Felipe Anderson and delivering him the ball of 3-1. Ciro without a goal but with a brace of assists, one for winger. It was 18 ‘. At that point Sarri made a substitution that made little sense: outside Luis Alberto, who had just colored the game with his throw, to let Akpa Akpro enter. On leaving, the Spaniard sent him to that country. Bad gesture, but Sarri’s idea is wrong. Akpa Akpro, just touching the irrepressible Zaniolo, procured a penalty that Guida whistled probably to make up for the one not granted in the first half. Penalty for a contact … missed, Veretout execution and Roma still in the game when there were more than 20 ‘to go.

AN OPPORTUNITY BEHIND THE OTHER – Zaniolo was overflowing, but Reina took away the 3-3 goal with a feat on a terrifying diagonal. By now exhausted, Mourinho had to replace him with Carles Perez and for Hysaj, who had tried in vain to mark him up to that moment, it was a liberation. Mourinho overturned the whole attack on the pitch, finishing the match 3-2-1-4, with Smalling, Mancini and Ibanez in defense, Cristante and Veretout in midfield and Mkhitaryan inspiring a four-man attack formed by Carles Perez, Abraham , Shomurodov and Zalewski. Obviously, instead of the gardens, where Immobile had already entered, there were now grasslands. Ciro had three excellent opportunities to score, one was also wrong by Akpa Akpro. Then the festival of Sarri, with the Olimpia eagle on the arm under the North.


Lazio-Roma 3-2 (2-1 first half)

Scorers: 10 ‘Milinkovic (L), 19’ Pedro (L), 41 ‘Ibanez (R), 63’ Felipe Anderson (L), 69 ‘pen. Veretout (R).

Assist: 10 ‘Felipe Anderson (L), 19’ Immobile (L), 41 ‘Veretout (R), 63’ Immobile (L).

Lazio (4-3-3): Reina; Marusic, L. Felipe, Acerbi, Hysaj; Milinkovic, Leiva (60 ‘Cataldi), L. Alberto (66’ Akpa Akpro); F. Anderson, Immobile (90 ‘Muriqi), Pedro. Coach: Sarri.

Roma (4-2-3-1): Rui Patricio; Karsdorp (82 ‘Smalling), Mancini, Ibanez, Vina (82’ Zalewski); Veretout, Cristante; Zaniolo (77 ‘C. Perez), Mkhitaryan, El Shaarawy (64’ Shomurodov); Abraham. All .: Mourinho.

Referee: Marco Guida (section Torre Annunziata).

Ammonites: 11 ‘Rui Patricio (R), 24’ Leiva (L), 45 + 1 ‘Cristante (R), 48’ Vina (R), 61 ‘Mourinho (R), 87’ Cataldi (L), Veretout (R ).

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