Bad weather: tornadoes on the Tuscan coast, wind at 140 km / h – Tuscany

Bad weather: tornadoes on the Tuscan coast, wind at 140 km / h – Tuscany
Bad weather: tornadoes on the Tuscan coast, wind at 140 km / h – Tuscany

Flooding, blackouts and roofs on the coast

Tornadoes and heavy rain on the north coast of Tuscany in the afternoon, in Carrara, Massa and Marina di Pisa. A violent storm, with gusts estimated at 140 km / h, hit the municipalities of Massa and Carrara, causing damage to the roads due to the fall of plants and trees and the flooding of the underpasses, even with cars blocked by the water however at no injuries were reported at the moment. Traffic remained blocked, with roads turned into rivers and impassable viaducts.
It rained heavily for about half an hour. Violent gusts of wind uncovered roofs, including that of the Carrara swimming pool, and uprooted dozens of trees, including tall trees, which ended up in the street, with damaged cars, flooded taverns and garages. Many homes were left without electricity and without a telephone signal due to a blackout. The mayors are considering whether to close the schools tomorrow, do the inspections and check for any damage. A whirlwind more or less at the same time hit the coast of Pisa with the passage of the disturbance. In addition to the pouring rain, violent gusts of wind moved material from the roofs and broke branches from the trees that invaded the streets. Firefighters are still working to secure the buildings and clear the streets. The storm lasted about an hour and also hit the city of Pisa without any particular inconvenience being reported. The yellow weather alert was foreseen and for this reason the Municipality had decided to postpone the parade of the historical procession of the Gioco del Ponte which engages hundreds of figures in medieval costume to a later date. Streets flooded due to rain in Viareggio (Lucca) in the afternoon, where the parade of the carts of the Carmevale was interrupted about halfway and where the pine forests were closed due to bad weather, while in the interior the SS12 of Abetone and of the Brennero was interrupted by the Anas near Bagni di Lucca due to the roadway invaded by branches and tree trunks. Anas and law enforcement teams on site to manage the situation and to allow the reopening of the stretch of road as soon as possible. In the evening the road was reopened.


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Bad weather tornadoes Tuscan coast wind Tuscany

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