the carabinieri close the place

the carabinieri close the place
the carabinieri close the place

Still a place closed in Rome for non-compliance with anti Covid rules. This time it was a disco-pub in the Testaccio area. The carabinieri of the Aventino Station they arrived during one evening, alerted by some residents, and sanctioned the local owner. Inside approx 250 boys surprised to dance to loud music, without ensuring the interpersonal distancing required by the anti Covid-19 legislation.

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The military, pretending to be customers, once entered the room found themselves in front of more than two hundred people crowded together to dance without personal protective equipment and without respecting interpersonal distance. But the real surprise for the police was to find a cubist in skimpy clothes performing on stage.

The Carabinieri sanctioned the owner for 400 euros and applied the ancillary sanction of closing the premises for 5 days, with simultaneous suspension of the activity. A few days ago the same fate befell two clubs in Roma bene, one in Parioli and the other in the Trieste district.

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carabinieri close place

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