“Referee Guide and Var Irrati not up to good football”

It’s a Mourinho serene what is presented to the microphones after the 3-2 defeat in the derby against Lazio. He liked his Rome, he says, less than the referee direction of Guide and the one at the Var of Irrati. “Italian football has improved a lot, the attacking game, the desire to win has improved a lot – he told Dazn -. Unfortunately a fantastic match, the referee and the VAR did not have size for a match of this level. I’m talking about the second goal that could have been 1-1 from 2-0. The referee made a mistake, the VAR made a mistake I don’t know from Coverciano or where I am. The second yellow to Lucas Leiva is important because playing with 10 counts a lot. Then 2-3 situations similar to that of Pellegrini red to him and today nothing. I’m with the players because they were the best team on the pitch. When you concede 3 goals you have something wrong but the first two are on the counterattack. We played and dominated, I too tried everything from the bench. We put it in great difficulty, they managed the last minutes well because the referee allowed them to do so ».

Derby, Mourinho is furious with the Lega delegate: «Don’t let me talk to the journalists. There is no respect “

Then he returns seraphic when asked if he is worried about defensive errors: «No, I would be worried if we didn’t play or if we didn’t try to win the game even in the 2-0 or 3-1 difficulty. If we had arrived here and Lazio had dominated us from the 1st to the last minute. The first two goals are goals on the counterattack and a team that is losing has to risk as we did ».


Referee Guide Var Irrati good football

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