Little (or perhaps no) difference between the Goddess and the Italian champions: Gasp can be proud of it

The San Siro match between Inter and Atalanta. Both teams could have prevailed, but in the end the score resulted in a 2-2 draw.

The Milanese team starts very strong and after 5 minutes is already ahead with a volley from Lautaro who bags under the crossbar. Having overcome the goal taken cold, the Goddess begins to grind the game and takes the ball of actions in hand.

As the minutes pass, it becomes clear that Atalanta has the possibility of rebalancing the result in the ropes, which happens at half an hour on a fireball from outside the area of ​​Malinovky impregnable for Handanovic in diving.

Gasperini’s team now commands the game and after 8 minutes another Malinovky shot forces the Inter far defender to a rebound that Toloi corrects on the net. The Goddess is deservedly ahead.

In the second half Mr. Inzaghi tries to change the cards on the table by involving some changes but the game remains balanced, despite the snake close to his forwards without becoming particularly dangerous.

On the other hand, Atalanta returns very close to scoring, again with Malinovky (the best) who hits the post on a free-kick. draw.

At this point everything happens. The teams are getting longer and the actions from the net flock to both sides.
5 minutes from the end Demiral clumsily jumps on a cross and hits with his arm: the Var helps Maresca to concede the penalty (right). Fortunately for us, Di Marco kicks on the crossbar.
A few minutes pass and on a splendid attacking action by the Dea Piccoli, who took over from Zapata, he turns and strikes Handanovic. It seems the match goal, my vocal cords go to rest but Maresca, once again helped by the Var, cancels the net for a previous (corrected) basic foul.

Both teams want to win the game, but in the end the draw seems to be the correct result.
The Var allows Maresca not to make mistakes, but the Campania referee warns 8 players, a clear sign of the inability to properly manage the match.

Atalanta played a vigorous match, absolutely on par with the Italian champions and Gasperini can only be proud of the performance disputed by his team.

Finally, allow me a consideration. I usually watch the match without listening too much to the commentary, paying attention to what happens on the pitch. This evening, however, probably the undersigned (but I think not only me) has seen a different game from the commentator of Dazn: in addition to the signal perhaps something else needs to be improved.

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