Center-right, Berlusconi: ‘Forza Italia essential to win and govern’ – Politics

Center-right, Berlusconi: ‘Forza Italia essential to win and govern’ – Politics
Center-right, Berlusconi: ‘Forza Italia essential to win and govern’ – Politics

“Forza Italia we must be convinced it is irreplaceable and it is essential for a center-right capable of winning and governing”. The former prime minister said so Silvio Berlusconi, during a phone call at the ‘Forza Milano’ conference promoted by the administrative party in support of the center-right candidate, Luca Bernardo. “Only with Forza Italia strong in numbers and ideas can the center-right aspire to lead the major Italian municipalities today – he concluded – and tomorrow for the entire country after 2023”.

“Milan needs a change, to return to being welcoming and supportive, to take up the challenges of other European cities not only in the center in the luxury areas but also in the neighborhoods”, said Berlusconi. “Milan can be much more than this, we are the most important city in Italy, for culture, scientific research, for artistic activities, we have the right and the duty to change. – he added – This is why we have chosen not a professional politician but Luca Bernardo, a person who has been able to combine concreteness, humanity and organizational capacity and authentic love for neighbor and in particular for children in his work “.

“This theme of the center-right leader is a theme that excites you, we are a coalition made up of different parties, each is the leader of his party. After that the rules in the center-right say that when the general elections arrive, the one who arrives first the right to express the prime ministerial candidate to be submitted to the President of the Republic “, said, replying to reporters, the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, in Bologna for an electoral meeting in view of the next municipal elections in October. “Currently – he continued – the League is considered the first party but it is also difficult to imagine that there is one that governs everyone, because we are the opposition, the others are in the government. You interpret this theme of leadership in a monolithic way that is not very realistic. “.


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Centerright Berlusconi Forza Italia essential win govern Politics

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