Fiandre 2021 – Bis by Alaphilippe; Italy closes the medal table in the lead

Fiandre 2021 – Bis by Alaphilippe; Italy closes the medal table in the lead
Fiandre 2021 – Bis by Alaphilippe; Italy closes the medal table in the lead

LEUVEN (BEL 26/9) – The new world champion is the old one. Julian Alaphilippe he packs last year’s photocopy race and along the streets of Flanders, in front of an incredible audience, he goes to win his second world championship jersey. Behind him, the Dutchman climbed onto the podium Van Baarle and the Danish Valgren.

Davide’s Italy Cassani runs well, despite a fall that puts the Azzurri on the ropes, forcing them to pursue a chase of about thirty kilometers and the early retirement of two fundamental men: Matteo Trentin and Davide Dancers.

Sonny’s 10th place Colbrelli closes a World Cup for Italy that was difficult to imagine anyway better. President Cordiano draws up an initial balance Dagnoni, who attended these exciting days with participation: “It was a fantastic world championship, we finished with first place in the medal table …” and referring to today’s race: “obviously it can’t always be a party: today we weren’t lucky but we ran well, it’s a shame about the initial fall that knocked out two important pawns for us. We must honor the merit of the winner because he was clearly the strongest and has deserved to win “.

In the final medal table we find all the technical elements to best evaluate this world championship edition. Italy closes the medal table in the lead, with three ori e a bronze, in Mixed Relay, a recently established specialty that captures the complexity of a sporting movement well. Two golds come from the male sector, one from the female one. Even the medals regarding inline / time trial are equally distributed: showing that behind the phenomenon Ganna young talents grow up, even for one day trials. There will be time to draw up a more complete assessment of this experience in Belgium, but the elements highlighted suggest an excellent basis for planning the four-year period that has just started.

It was also Davide’s last world championship Cassani at the helm of the national team: “A day of emotion and misfortune. Matteo Trentin and Davide Ballerini missed us even if they made themselves available to close the initial breakaway. After the fall they were very ill. In the final there were 17 men in front and 3 of us who were very good. Nothing to say, the strongest won. With this Alaphilippe I thought I saw Bettini in the good old days making 3-4 consecutive shots until he was able to go away “.

Returning to the crucial phases: “Maybe Sonny has been beating around the bush a bit, but our problem was the lack of a man in the final, despite the presence of Nizzolo who sacrificed himself, another would have been needed.”

The CT concludes. “It was still a world of goosebumps. It was wonderful to finish my adventure here with an extraordinary audience. Today I certainly have no regrets, except to curse bad luck. Even a runner like Giacomo Nizzolo thanked me for the beauty of this event. I repeat honor to Julien. We knew he was strong and had aimed decisively at the World Cup, even skipping the Olympics ”.

Sonny Colbrelli he tried to resist the shots of the Frenchman, the first of which with two laps to go. The blue was the only one able to keep the wheels of the world champion, something that failed, however, twenty kilometers later, in the umpteenth attempt of the transalpine: “I am disappointed with the result, but it must be said that luck was not on our side. We immediately lost Trentin and Ballerini while in the final … look at one, look at the other … but in the end it went like this. put in the middle: it was me, Nizzolo and Bagioli, the sensations were good and it was a shame, I’m disappointed precisely because I had good legs. Patience. I would have liked to put a cherry on the cake in this splendid world championship. “

Matteo Trentin, having returned to the garage prematurely, does not hide the disappointment: “Too bad. We had thought of another race and this crash upset our plans. But once the boys recovered the gap from the leaders, they were good and ready.”

Andrea Bagioli he was certainly one of the most active, doing the best of the thankless task of marking Evenenpoel. In the final stages he was ready, pulling the group of the best to avoid the shots: “We were unlucky, so plans were upset. Before the second big lap I saw that there was a good group and I threw myself in. Remco did a great job, I helped. What did we say? the strongest Belgians to leave Giacomo and Sonny calm. In the end Alaphilippe made a great number and so … congratulations! There wasn’t a really long and hard breathing space that was felt on his legs “.

Diego Ulysses: “The crash penalized us more than expected, we were good at straightening out the situation and bringing forward the men we were aiming for. Then Julien made the number …”.

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