Union of Municipalities Savena Idice: competition for technical instructors

The Union of Municipalities Savena Idice has launched a competition for technical management instructors at the Municipality of Ozzano dell’Emilia, in the province of Bologna (Emilia Romagna).

The public selection, addressed to graduates, is aimed at hiring 2 resources a indefinite period.

There is time until October 18, 2021. Here is the announcement and all the details.


Candidates for the competition for technical instructors organized by the Unione Comuni Savena Idice must be in possession of the general requirements summarized below:

  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of one of the member countries of the European Union or other categories provided for in the announcement;
  • age not less than 18 years and not exceeding the maximum age limit set by the regulations in force for office retirement;
  • physical fitness for use;
  • regular position with regard to military service obligations (for candidates concerned by the obligation);
  • inclusion in the active political electorate;
  • enjoyment of political rights;
  • have no criminal proceedings in the course of investigation, or an indication of the proceedings
    penalties in progress;
  • absence of criminal convictions that prevent the establishment of an employment relationship with a public administration;
  • not having been fired, dismissed or dispensed from employment in a public administration for persistent insufficient performance or not having been declared forfeited for having obtained employment through the production of false documents or vitiated by an invalidity that cannot be remedied;
  • knowledge of the English language;
  • knowledge of the most popular computer applications, including Autocad.

Candidates are also required to possess the following educational qualification:

  • diploma of Graduation, specialist or master’s degree, required for:
    – admission to the state exam aimed at enrollment in the APPC Professional Register, in
    Section A: architecture, spatial planning, landscape or Section B: architecture (junior), planning (junior);
    – admission to the state exam aimed at enrollment in the Professional Register of Engineers, in Section A: civil and environmental or Section B: Civil and environmental (junior).


The selection of candidates will take place through two exams, one written and one oral, dealing with the subjects indicated in the announcement that we attach at the end of the article.

We point out that the tests will take place according to the procedures established by the provisions on the subject of
prevention of the spread of existing SARS-CoV-2 infection.


The winners of the competition will be paid a gross annual salary of € 22.135,47.


The application to participate in the competition of the Unione Comuni Savena Idice for technical instructors must be sent by 12 noon on 18 October 2021 through special telematic procedure reachable on this page.

Candidates must attach the following to the application documentation:

  • receipt of payment of the competition fee of Euro 10.00;
  • photocopy of a valid identity document;
  • curriculum vitae duly dated and signed, for information purposes only;
  • documentation certifying the occurrence of one of the conditions referred to in art. 38 of Legislative Decree 30.3.2001, n. 165 as amended by art. 7 of Law 6.8.2013, n. 97 (only for non-EU citizens);
  • medical certification certifying the specific handicap, under penalty of non-use of the benefit of necessary aids and / or additional time during the tests.


Those interested in the competition for technical instructors are therefore invited to download and carefully read the NOTICE (Pdf 904 Kb) published in excerpt in the Official Gazette no. 74 of 09-17-2021.


All the subsequent communications regarding the list of admitted candidates and the calendar and location of the exams will be made public by posting on the online Praetorian Notice Board
of the Union of Municipalities Savena Idice and through publication on the website of the Municipality, on the homepage and in the section ‘Transparent administration> Competition notices’.


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Union Municipalities Savena Idice competition technical instructors

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