Lazio-Rome in the sign of the goal

Lazio-Rome in the sign of the goal
Lazio-Rome in the sign of the goal

The veteran and the child, talking about goals. Of derby. One, Ciro (Immobile), tells about his against Roma, the other, Tammy (Abraham), refers to those in London, not exactly comparable, but always precious. A dialogue of goals, face to face. In consideration of Lazio and Rome. For Ciro, before it was a curse. Until last January 15th, Immobile scored but never won the derby. At least in the league. Now, however, the Lazio people can count on their king of Rome. Four goals for the Giallorossi, the last in the first leg derby of the last championship, when he escaped to Ibanez. On the return – it is known – Ciro was left dry and Lazio defeated. Today, another chance to catch Rocchi with five goals in the derby or, an even more coveted goal, equalize Piola’s six centers, and take another step towards that monstrous record, once unattainable: 159 goals with the Lazio shirt , absolute primacy.

Ciro does not stop, in Turin he stamped from the spot for the sixth center in five days. He is already the lone top scorer in this Serie A, but now he wants to make Lazio take off in the standings. On Thursday he sounded the shock, then invited his teammates to face Roma with a knife between their teeth. No fear, Immobile takes aim again. On the other hand, when he sees the Giallorossi, his vision becomes even clearer. At the first derby, in 2017, he conceded a goal in the semi-final of the Italian Cup, a mortgaged final. The second stamp in the following season, in the first leg, but does not prevent Lazio from losing. The third, the following year, leaves a bad taste in the mouth: momentary draw, then Roma wins 3-1. The fourth finally brings a victory, last season, in the first leg. But today is a more important occasion, because with a goal Immobile can officially open the Sarri era.

On the other hand, there are those who will only know the Rome derby today. Tammy Abraham, who already sings the hymn, will watch the Olimpico and understand. He will understand that this is not a simple match, it is something more. Everyone falls in love with the Lazio-Roma derby, not just the Romans. Abraham descends into the derby, with that basketball physique and the feet of a swan. Yet he has played derby and not even a few: in London there are many, infinite, there the uniqueness of the event is lost, which instead exists here in the capital, in Milan and also in Genoa. He played them, decided them and scored a bit to all the opponents of his city, he only missed Tottenham in the Premier League, even if he scored at the Spurs when he was in the blues youth: two goals in three games. He, an Arsenal fan, has scored two goals for the Gunners in five games and the same number for West Ham. Three at Crystal Palace (in 5 games) and two goals in four games at both QPR and Fulham.

Tammy is a derby man, at least in numbers. Then here you have to collide with the emotional impact, the tensions, you are not always calm and charged, not always lucid at the first try. Someone like Totti took a while to break free against Lazio, Dzeko for example scored at the “first”, not to mention the Milanese Delvecchio. He will not have Pellegrini to talk to but at his side there will be Mkhitaryan (or Zaniolo), also an expert in London derby and with a good impact also in the Roman one, the last match against Lazio bears his signature (and that of Pedro , which is now on the other side). “Abraham? When these players arrive everyone thinks he’s the derby man, he’s terrific. Top purchase, in the square of Rome a player like him who shows attachment is fundamental », the words – on the Lega channel – of Totti, who after having launched Pellegrini also takes care of this big boy who has already bewitched Romanist Rome. «What matters is the desire to win. If you have two technicians of this caliber, you know it will be a good derby. With Mou he is all the more, he is someone who helps you, stimulates you and in a city like Rome I think it is important », always Totti. Francesco closed the derby with a selfie, which still today we go to look at with nostalgia: he, after a wonderful goal, and behind, the South. Today again full.


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