Storms over Italy: here are the areas most affected

Storms over Italy: here are the areas most affected
Storms over Italy: here are the areas most affected

An intense phase of bad weather it is hitting our northern regions: Milan has been under a storm since 9 this morning and maximum attention is paid to the Seveso and Lambro rivers which remain under special surveillance.

Where bad weather points

As can be seen from the satellite, all of Northern Italy is grappling with temporal, showers and local problems due to storms and hailstorms. The cause is to be attributed to a deep Atlantic vortex that pushes fresher and more unstable air masses over Italy which, in contact with the Mediterranean, cause the intense phenomena of these hours. During the afternoon and evening, the bulk of the bad weather will move to Emilia-Romagna and Triveneto as well as affecting much of Tuscany. As experts say, other rains and thunderstorms will also affect all other areas, from Piedmont to Lombardy and Liguria with significant rainfall.

Fair weather, however, in the Center apart from a little cloudiness on the Tyrrhenian areas, more openings on the Adriatic ones. Another climate, however, in the South and on Sicily where an area of high pressure of African origin will continue to bring good weather, clear skies and fully summer temperatures that locally exceed 30 degrees.

How will the week be

Bad weather will not let go easily: the day of Monday it will still see unstable weather with residual showers and thunderstorms on the extreme north-east regions and on some central regions such as Marche, Umbria and Tuscany. Variable on the rest of the country but with a substantially dry climate. Beware of the first dense fogs in the Po Valley during the night and in the early morning. From Tuesday, however, again the anticyclone it will be the protagonist of the weather events of our country with greater stability even if there will be afternoon thunderstorms over the Alps and locally on many stretches of the medium and high Lombard plains. Good weather over the rest of Italy with a bit of temporary instability on Thursday and a few passing showers from west to east.

It is premature to draw up a forecast for next weekend: if we wanted to make one projection, it would be almost discreet throughout Italy with lower temperatures than the current ones but typical of a climate of early October. In short, it will be possible to continue to go to the beach or spend many hours in the open air. The autumn disturbances are still far away, as is the cold air, still well confined to the territories of origin (Scandinavia and the far north of Russia). The temperatures, in fact, will often and willingly remain on average or above the first ten days of October.



Storms Italy areas affected

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