Luigi Di Maio, what a slap in the face of Giuseppe Conte in half an hour more. Bomb on the Taliban, it is feud M5s – Il Tempo

There is an increasingly air of feud in the 5 Star Movement and the protagonists of the main duel are always the same, the political leader Giuseppe Conte and his most formidable internal competitor, the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

The expedition of the former deputy prime minister of the yellow-green government arrives during the episode of Half an hour more on Sunday 26 September, the program by Lucia Annunziata on Rai3. A jab on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, now back in the hands of the Taliban, which follows the sensational exit of Giuseppi on the need to dialogue with the new regime.

But the arguments on the table are many. “What do you think of the debate on the Draghi Prime Minister even beyond 2023?”, Asks the presenter. “I believe that this debate is singular because it does not foresee the will of the directly interested parties, in particular of the direct interested party, who is Draghi”, replies DI Maio. Who on the recovery and the fight against Covid says: “We must work in the direction of bringing home the vaccination campaign and at the same time close the PNRR, that is the execution of the 230 billion euro projects, which are a great challenge. This government was born for this reason, we have to make reforms to spend that money and therefore we have to be focused on this. I leave the background to the backstories and to those who pass the tissues, because we have to work on the facts “.

In terms of relations with other countries, the head of Italian diplomacy states that ours “is not the first country to trade with China, France and Germany do much more than us. We must support our entrepreneurs on that market because it is emerging , but we cannot abdicate on the field of values. When there are violations of human rights, we cannot subordinate them to business and commerce. China and Russia and India? The same goes for Afghanistan. The EU must not abdicate its values ​​but at the same time it must allow its internal market to have relations with the Chinese market. It may seem complicated, but many states have been doing it for a long time. In Italy 32% of trade is export, we cannot give it up “.

The theme of Afghanistan is back. “As Italy we have chaired the G20 of foreign ministers on Afghanistan. The recognition of this Taliban government is impossible, there are 17 terrorists who are ministers”, argues the minister. In short, other than the dialogue hoped for by Conte … “Recognition is impossible, but it is possible to help with humanitarian associations and NGOs in the area. At the G20 we established that we must work and strengthen the fight against terrorism, work for rights humanitarian aid and intervene in their defense and provide humanitarian aid that is all the money we allocate for the people will go to the protection of women and girls. If Afghanistan implodes we will have a migratory flow in all directions. In the coming weeks we will make public the extraordinary G20 of the leader on Afghanistan and will be chaired by Draghi “.

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