in the bottle red wine instead of water

in the bottle red wine instead of water
in the bottle red wine instead of water

He was staggering on his bike, struggling to maintain the line. Stopped by the carabinieri, the cyclist was discovered: there was no water in his bottle, but red wine. It happened in Ozzano dell’Emilia (in the Bolognese area), where a 41-year-old Italian on a pedal assisted bike made the military suspicious.

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Pescara, former professional cyclist Fabio Taborre died. He was 36 years old

After investigations, the military not only discovered that he did not have a driving license, due to some police records, but also that there was red wine in the bottle, fixed to the two wheels. Subjected to alcohol testing, the 41-year-old was found with a BAC of 1.61 grams per liter, three times over the legal limit. The man was reported for drunk driving and reported to the Prefecture because he was found in possession of a dose of hashish.


bottle red wine water

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