Rome, Calenda-Salvini back and forth at Porta Portese – Lazio

Rome, Calenda-Salvini back and forth at Porta Portese – Lazio
Rome, Calenda-Salvini back and forth at Porta Portese – Lazio

Unexpected face-to-face during election walks

Carlo Calenda faces Matteo Salvini live. The two leaders in fact crossed paths at the historic Roman market of Porta Portese. Calenda, now a candidate for mayor of Rome, replied to the Northern League leader who yesterday, from Tor Bella Monaca, had said “we in the suburbs, Calenda, Raggi and Gualtieri in the salons”. “We frequent the same squares … You will see that I will take your votes”, was Calenda’s response to Salvini.

A pat on the neck a tap on the shoulder, this is the initial greeting before a few jokes between Carlo Calenda and Matteo Salvini at Porta Portese. “Very bad”, Calenda says ironically, greeting Salvini with his fist. The Northern League leader replies with a smile: “I can’t be bad”. Calenda sarcastically replies: “But how can you not do it? The right hand is not even bad?”. “You have to give us a hand later,” said a candidate on the list with the League in Rome, addressing Calenda. The Action leader replies again amused by the situation: “Do I owe you a hand? Of course you give it to me first so you finish fourth.” Calenda then posted part of the skit on his social profile by writing: “The boy was being funny and this morning we went to see him. Live he keeps his feathers low. Well like this”.

“Calenda? A rich and spoiled gentleman, who today at the Porta Portese market no one was spinning (unlike many traders and citizens who incited and thanked me and the League) and who had to cross the road out of breath to exist … passing through the red, to try to strike a fight. Today we responded with education and a smile, the Roman citizens will respond with an avalanche of votes to the League on Sunday … and the rich gentleman will then decide on the ballot who to support, since he does not it will get there. Unfortunately… “. So Matteo Salvini with a series of Tweets after meeting the mayoral candidate for Rome on the sidelines of an electoral initiative.


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