Milan names a square after Tina Modotti

Milan names a square after Tina Modotti
Milan names a square after Tina Modotti

The naming ceremony of the square, in the Rogoredo area, took place while a large retrospective dedicated to one of the most famous Italian artists in the world is underway at the Mudec – Museum of Cultures

Piazza Tina Modotti in Milan

While al Mudec – Museum of Cultures from Milano an important retrospective is underway, the Lombard capital is entitled to the photographer, actress and activist Tina Modotti (Udine, 1896 – Mexico City, 1942) a square in the Rogoredo / Santa Giulia area. The decision to name a town square after one of the most important and influential Italian photographers of the twentieth century at an international level, comes precisely on the occasion of the exhibition Tina Modotti. Women, Mexico and freedom: the Municipality has in fact accepted the request of the curator of the exhibition Biba Giacchetti, and on 22 September the naming ceremony of Piazza Tina Modotti was held.


“Tina Modotti was an emancipated and modern woman, whose art has always remained inextricably linked to social commitment”, reads a note from the Municipality of Milan. “The dedication to Tina Modotti continues the path of this Administration in enhancing the contribution of women to artistic, political and social history, and a few days later follows the inauguration of the first public monument dedicated to a woman, Cristina di Belgiojoso”. Regarding the path taken by the Milanese municipal administration – or the commitment to name public places after female characters who have contributed, with their courage, commitment and work, to the cultural growth of the country – with the recognition of Tina Modotti, Biba Giacchetti has thanks to the Councilor for Culture Filippo Del Corno “Who shared the need to name public places after prominent female figures to fill the disproportion that today sees in Milan only 127 places dedicated to women out of 2466 places dedicated to male figures. The charm, the art, and the great importance as an example of freedom and coherence, make Tina Modotti an exceptional figure. We hope that the place dedicated to her will become an extraordinary meeting center dedicated to the arts “.


Running until November 7, 2021, Tina Modotti. Women, Mexico and freedom explores, through silver salt shots, letters and documents, the life, art and political commitment of the Italian photographer. As told by Elena Arzani, at the age of 17 Tina Modotti “Leaves his hometown to move to California and join his father. Mysterious, beautiful and rebellious, she marries the painter Roubaix de l’Abrie Richey. Subsequently she embarked on a career as an actress and met Edward Weston, one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century, of whom she became a lover and model. Widowed, she attended the bohemian circles of Mexico together with Weston, knowing, among others, Julio Mella, Vittorio Vidali, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Unjustly accused of having taken part in the assassination of the Mexican president and the assassination of Mella, she is exiled from Mexico. He lives in Europe for the next twelve years. This period marks the end of his artistic production. According to some witnesses, she is hired as a Russian spy and involved in the events that lead to the killing of the politician Lev Trotsky, friend and lover of Frida. After the establishment of the Franco regime, he returned to Mexico with comrade Vidali. Tina is buried in the Panteón de Dolores in Mexico City “.

– Desirée Maida

Art events in progress in Milan


Milan names square Tina Modotti

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