Social centers against illegal immigrants: short circuit to the left

Social centers against illegal immigrants: short circuit to the left
Social centers against illegal immigrants: short circuit to the left

Milano it is one of the Italian cities where the presence of social centers is stronger and more rooted, also thanks to the red administrations that over the years have not intervened to prevent illegal occupations of buildings. But these days the Lombard capital is at the center of a short circuit of the left that risks sending years of propaganda and narration into crisis in favor of indiscriminate hospitality of migrants but also of undermining tolerance for social centers.

What happened in the eastern outskirts of the city is unbelievable and would even be able to snatch a smile, were it not a tragic situation for the city. “We are at the most paradoxical short circuit for the radical left: a social center that calls the police to be defended, within an illegally occupied space, by a group of equally abusive illegal immigrants in a building next door.“, he writes Silvia Sardone in a note. The municipal councilor of the Lega refers to what happened in the former slaughterhouse in viale Molise for some time illegally occupied by the social center Macao, where a group of immigrants broke in with bars and knives during an exhibition against racism.

A situation clearly out of control that forced the collective to turn to the police for help. All this while the armed North Africans went to occupy the spaces that were already occupied by the social center, all as a sublimation of the well-known illegalism of the Milanese suburbs. The same people who are supported by the social center have turned against him, a paradox that can only have as its background the Milan of indiscriminate hospitality and do-gooders at all costs.

In these occupied buildings I have carried out several inspections, finding indecent situations and inhumane. It makes us smile that the social center denounces the violence of non-EU citizens that they themselves want to welcome at all costs. I thank the police for the extreme professionalism in intervening also in defense of those who hate them both in words and deeds“concluded Silvia Sardone.


Social centers illegal immigrants short circuit left

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