Livorno, debut with Picchi in the Italian Cup. Buglio: “Ready for battle”

Livorno, debut with Picchi in the Italian Cup. Buglio: “Ready for battle”
Livorno, debut with Picchi in the Italian Cup. Buglio: “Ready for battle”

Finally here we are. The new Livorno branded Paolo Toccafondi, forced to leave Excellence after the collapse of the old company, will make his official debut tomorrow, Sunday 26 September (kick-off at 20.30 at Picchi). Opponent, on the first day of the triangular of Italian Cup, l’Armando Picchi by Nicola Sena, in what will be an all-Livorno derby. The amaranth coach intervened to present the match on the day before Francesco Buglio.

Italian Cup Excellence | Armando Picchi-Us Livorno, presale is underway: ticket prices

Hello mister, finally we start to get serious. What are the feelings of the eve?
“They are beautiful sensations, but we felt the most intense emotions during the presentation on Thursday. It was something wonderful, for everyone. It made us understand even more where we are, what awaits us and what we need to do to keep the passion of the people: we will have to cultivate this enthusiasm by bringing people to the stadium. Great credit must be given to the club, which is made up of serious and prepared people: it is also thanks to them that we can now breathe this atmosphere “.

What will be the cardinal principles of your Livorno?
“On the pitch we will always have to put three things: hunger, humility and respect for the opponents. If we have this attitude, we will leave the stadium with applause, regardless of the result. We will have to be good at creating our own mentality and falling into this category. we will all give their soul, starting tomorrow. The Picchi is made up of many Leghorn players and playing in front of 3000 people in this stadium will give them an extra boost. We will have to be ready for the battle already in the underpass and in the changing rooms “.

The preparation work, for the reasons we all know, started late: what is the physical condition of the team now?
“I don’t know how to give a percentage, we started late but the director and the club did a great job making many players available to me immediately. The boys arrived in groups, however, and maybe some are ahead of others. In the friendly we alternated everyone. players to increase the condition of each of them. We, at this moment, want to lighten their heads on the pitch and make their lives responsible outside: these guys are Livorno players, they cannot think, for example, of having an evening on Friday”.

It will not have been easy to work with a completely new team, with guys each coming from different realities.
“Exactly, we are a completely new team, there was no hard core to start from. During the presentation I think everyone really understood what it means to play here: playing in front of 5,000 people is not like playing in front of 100 spectators. there is only one weapon on this stage: working hard every week “.

How is Mazzoni’s recovery proceeding?
“It is still too early to see him on the pitch, but he is working hard. With his attitude and his commitment it is as if he had reduced the period he was stopped by one year. He has great enthusiasm and I loved what he said. during the presentation, or rather that he wants to bring Livorno back where it deserves “.

In the friendlies we saw the team lined up with the 4-3-1-2: will this be the starting form tomorrow?
“Yes, tomorrow we will leave like this. Then, when Vantaggiato and Torromino arrive, we could also change something, but now it is still early to talk about it”.

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