Meritocrazia Italia, ‘it is responsibility, a battle for concreteness and truth’

Meritocrazia Italia, ‘it is responsibility, a battle for concreteness and truth’
Meritocrazia Italia, ‘it is responsibility, a battle for concreteness and truth’

“The transposition of the European directive on copyright and related rights in the digital single market is currently under discussion, to improve copyright protection in the renewed context of the use of creative content. It is known that, in recent years, the information flow on the Net has reached such dimensions and speed as to make it difficult to monitor the circulation of confidential material. No spatial or temporal barriers. To the detriment of authors and publishers, and to the advantage of those who manage social media and media, the reins of a virtual universe. Everything is copied and divulged in an almost irreverent way. In addition, wrong news passed off as true. Real artificial news. Non-existent news created. Certain news censored “. Meritocrazia Italia underlines this in a reflection by the president, Walter Mauriello.

“We desire truth and culture, and for the truth we fight with determination, but the ascent towards concreteness is fraught – he observes – It is an unequal battle, the one for the regaining of freedom; a game that is played away from home, in conditions of disadvantage. Strength on the virtual side. It is never easy to get up after a fall. Information circulates, I said. And those who receive it do not always have the skills to make a selection between what deserves attention and what is misleading from the truth “.

“The new regulation should first of all bring back responsibility, because, in the end, it is certain that today every individual choice is oriented to the prototype of normality built daily by social networks, which drive tastes and propensities. Which also suggest the attitude to have towards this or that political leader, highlighting some characteristics and keeping others silent. Information is life “. Meritocrazia Italia “wants to win the challenge of restoring order, concreteness and truth, and, as in every battle, is inspired by those who have the courage to persevere, without ever giving in to adversity”.

“The latest success of Beatrice Vio teaches a lot. She has just won an Olympic gold and only a few months ago was in danger, once again, of not being able to compete again. A body torn apart by the hardness of life and the resilient soul of those who do not admits defeat. But perhaps – argues the president of Meritocrazia Italia – the world is not ready to draw inspiration. Divided, as it is, between the strength of China, from where a contagion has started about the origins of which we are still wondering, and the unconsciousness of the United States, which remain blind to the irreversibility of the environmental disaster. From its, in the middle, Europe, which in words lets itself be fascinated by the overwhelming strength of a young daredevil like Bebe Vio, but in fact shows itself disoriented , it forgets its own tradition and the value of solidarity that inspired its origin, concentrated on the arid numbers of the public deficit, and above all fragmented. Completely out of focus compared to what matters “.

“Bebe Vio shapes the future. It would not have survived without the progress of science, but it would not have triumphed without stubbornness, tenacity and technique. The victory of reason over superstition. Culture and imagination as the basis of true freedom. Why freedom – he explains – it is not in the defense of one’s own identity, but in the protection of the other and of diversity. envy that leads to throwing the great from the pantheon of heroes “.

“In a new concept of copyright, which is pluralism, there are those who refuse to recycle other people’s ideas and live the passion of creativity. Meritocracy – concludes the president – seeks the unprecedented in emotions, in a rediscovery of solidarity, in the belief that , with the unity of sacrifice and the seriousness of shared commitment, the impossible becomes a dream come true “.

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