“We will not remain in a government that taxes real estate”

“We will not remain in a government that taxes real estate”
“We will not remain in a government that taxes real estate”

“There are some fixed points that characterize our participation in this government, precisely with a view to favoring the restart. One of the most important is our decided no to any form of assets and any other form of taxation that affects real estate property. “. This was stated in a speech published in ‘Il Giornale’ by the former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

“Taxing real estate – underlines the Knight – means not taxing an income, but an asset already taxed at the time of accumulation. Those who bought a house working all their life have already been heavily affected by the taxes that have eroded an important part of what he earned. To impose a new levy on the fruits of his labor is profoundly unfair. ” For this reason, he adds, “we have said a firm no to the revision of the cadastral estimates: if it were a neutral operation from a fiscal point of view it would have no use and above all no urgency, if instead it resulted in an increase in taxes, as presumably would happen. , it would be totally unacceptable to us. “

The house, for Italian families, the former Prime Minister still notes, “is the first of the investments, the first house in particular is often the result of the savings of a life or even several generations. It is also the symbolic place of stability, security, family continuity, attachment to one’s roots. This is why I have said several times that home is sacred to us. That we could never accept a policy that would penalize the home or real estate investment. On the contrary, only we in the years in which we have governed have adopted a series of coherent policies in favor of homeowners. small investors and consequently also their tenants “.

Reliefs and incentives, therefore, underlines Berlusconi, “are the way forward to give breath to a sector that has paid a very high price for the crisis. Of course we are responsible people, we know that it is necessary to take into account financial compatibility in such a difficult time. However, we also know that the crisis cannot be overcome by hitting the savings of Italians or by subtracting resources from the real estate market “.

On the contrary, he adds, “we must use an important share of the available resources to achieve various objectives that are coherent with each other: on the one hand, to give breath to an essential sector from the point of view of employment and related industries, able to act as a driving force for growth; on the other hand to guarantee those who have invested in the house, especially in the first house; finally, finally, to expand the housing offer to encourage the birth of new families often today opposed precisely by the difficulty of finding a house on reasonable terms. , social and civil at the same time: it is worth pursuing it, even making a little more effort. In the government, we also work for this “.

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