4 boys arrested, 11 reported

4 boys arrested, 11 reported
4 boys arrested, 11 reported

Ale. Gem.
September 26, 2021 11:01 am


Four boys arrested and eleven others reported. Thus ended the maxi brawl in Piazza XXIV Maggio in Milan (Darsena area) which took place on the night between Saturday and Sunday 26 September.

In trouble, two Italians aged 18 and 19, both already known to the police, a Moroccan aged 21 with some precedents and a Ukrainian aged 18. For them the accusation is of resistance to a public official. Another 11 young people between 18 and 29 years, however, were investigated for aggravated brawl.

The maxi scuffle in the dock

It all started around 3:00 am when some young people started arguing in a local bar (it was not known what sparked the spirits). At the peak of the discussion, the brawl and the bottles started, the call to 112 was immediately triggered and several steering wheels from via Fatebenefratelli intervened on the spot.

The policemen found a 25-year-old Italian lying on the ground with several head injuries and while waiting for the intervention of 118 the detectives began to collect the testimonies of those present. Precisely at this stage, according to what was reconstructed by the police headquarters, the agents were surrounded by a group of young people who “began to attack the policemen both verbally and physically, with kicks and punches”, reads the note from via Fatebene. The agents arrested four boys on charges of resisting a public official while another 11 were reported.


boys arrested reported

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