Green pass Lombardia, no vax demonstration Milan: four thousand demonstrators –

Green pass Lombardia, no vax demonstration Milan: four thousand demonstrators –
Green pass Lombardia, no vax demonstration Milan: four thousand demonstrators –

The signs actually seem comforting becausen Piazza Fontana at 4 pm there are less than a thousand demonstrators: the usual faces, except the 16 who have already been warned by the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi for the demonstration last Saturday. Two hundred meters away, Giorgia Meloni’s rally is in progress and the police and carabinieri guard the access to the Cathedral. Souls suddenly heat up. The procession starts towards via Larga. In the lead they have time to make about fifty meters that the Duomo Duomo choir starts from the belly. A few seconds and a group of no vax points the carabinieri cordon that separates via Carlo Maria Martini from the square. a moment. The front of the demonstrators approaches the cordon, the carabinieri close ranks and try to hold their position. The procession pushes and flies a few bottles full of water against the police and the military.

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Milan, No gren pass procession: clashes with the police

There is no charge for the moment. Reinforcements are called and attempts are made to resist by pushing the demonstrators backwards with their shields. But there are not only the elderly and women ahead. Some more agitated beat with bare hands and manage to break through. at this moment the first batons fly. A woman in her sixties ends up on the ground, gets up and covers the agents with insults. Others lash out at the carabinieri and some are overwhelmed in the crowd. About thirty demonstrators manage to pass and at that moment a second cordon (the agents who were in the Cathedral for the rally) stands in the way. Minutes of tension followed by two more attempts to break through partly hit the mark and beaten the agents. Two protesters with head injuries, none serious. Despite the presence of many elderly people and women, the spirits of the No green pass are anything but peaceful. On the contrary. They understand that the street in front of them is closed and with a stroke of cunning the procession changes its head and goes around the cathedral. The uncovered front and the no vaxes thus manage to reach Piazza Duomo.

who they meet some supporters of the Brothers of Italy and there are chants and insults towards them. The apex is reached at the corner with Piazza Mercanti where the car with the leader Giorgia Meloni remains bottled. The procession does not notice it and the driver has time to engage the back and return towards via Orefici. Danger escaped.

The police and carabinieri cordons are strengthened. Among the insults they manage to block part of the demonstrators who try to enter the Gallery from Piazza Scala. The procession then begins a long tour around the Duomo, in a sort of game of cat and mouse: when they see the armored vehicles in the distance, the 4,000 demonstrators immediately change direction. The chaos crosses piazza Meda, corso Matteotti, corso Vittorio Emanuele with the Saturday crowd. THEn via Case Rotte a young man on a scooter is attacked and almost lynched because stuck in traffic insults the No green pass. Moments of tension, thrusts and punches, then manages to get away.

The situation eases when the demonstrators understand that the police will not block the march. We go back to the Duomo and something unexpected happens, but already foreseen by the Digos investigators in the past demonstrations: the head is taken by a collective of university students against the pass, among them also several anarchists (yesterday there were no neo-fascist groups in the square). At that point they are the ones to regroup the ranks and to leave towards the Ticinese. No more accidents, but the procession once in Piazza 24 Maggio does not stop and paralyzes the ring road, then going up towards the center from Corso di Porta Romana. These are hours of passion for motorists and public transport.

For the first time, at the tenth consecutive event, the no vax attacked the police and carabinieri. A disturbing sign, but the answers are already being announced with complaints.

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