ascertained 236 violations for 94 thousand euros in fines

In particular, 116 penalties were raised for restaurants, pizzerias and bars, 58 for gyms, swimming pools and wellness centers, 38 for betting rooms, game rooms and recreational activities, while 24 for long-distance transport services. In addition, 5 criminal violations were charged to as many people referred to the judicial authorities for crimes of forgery and substitution of person because they used other people’s green passes or exhibited false documentation certifying negativity to Covid-19.

The interventions of the NAS also concerned the correct application of the other containment measures to the epidemic spread, contesting further 196 violations due to non-compliance with sanitation such as the presence of dispensers for hand sanitation, use of masks, information to users on the rules of behavior and distancing.

Temporary closure orders from one to five days were also issued for 9 businesses, including two gyms in Turin and Palermo, a bar in the province of Campobasso, an ethnic fast-food restaurant in Cremona, a restaurant in the province of Messina. and a betting room in Ardea (Rome).


ascertained violations thousand euros fines

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