the TAR agrees with the parents –

the TAR agrees with the parents –
the TAR agrees with the parents –

Lat school promotes the disabled pupil, the Lombardy Tar suspends the promotion. Because the institute, an average of the Lambrate area who is reputed to have great attention to inclusiveness, would instead have failed to comply with one of its main tasks, namely “school integration which aims to develop the potential of the handicapped person in learning, communication, relationships and socialization “. The judges write this in the sentence of 10 September, postponing the hearing on the merits to 29 March 2022. The TAR adds that “the evaluation of the class council” does not seem to have adequately taken “the school educational plan (Pei) as a reference”, as required by law.

In short, summing up, in relation to a fragile pupil, the school would not have done its duty. The protagonist, despite himself, of this story is Marco (invented name), who will turn 15 in December. Marco is a boy with a severe form of autism, also suffering from epilepsy and diabetes. «For my son, middle school was a very difficult path – says his mother assisted by the lawyers Giuseppe Delle Vergini and Jacopo Michi -. The first year he didn’t want to know about going to school, then the pandemic came and with dad he was completely left to himself because he was unable to follow the lessons remotely. So, last school year, the third, Marco was made to go back to class but found himself alone because his classmates remained in dad ». Despite all the difficulties, in the three-year period Marco made small but significant progress despite the fact that the school climate was never the best. “At the time of enrollment, the principal and vice-principal immediately made me understand that my son was not suitable for that school – says his mother – that he would disturb his classmates by creating problems for the class”.

Marco, however, hardly continues his path, arrives in eighth grade and in March the teachers reassure the family: he will be rejected, he will remain in his school until he turns 16 when, hopefully, he will be able to attend a disabled day center and have everything. the support you need. To push for the failure is not only the academic performance of the boy, but above all the reports of the specialists, delivered to the school, who follow him. «It is considered important that Marco can attend a school close to home, a known environment, and therefore continues to attend the same school as in previous years also for the school year 2021-2022 ”, the document signed by the head of Pediatric Diabetology of San Raffaele; “It is considered appropriate to maintain school attendance in a context known for 2021-2022 in order to avoid changes in the environment and educational staff”, writes the Developmental Neurology of Besta; “It is considered important that Marco can remain in the current school attended also for the next school year”, confirms the Infantile Neuropsychiatry del Sacco. Everyone agrees. Promote it, force him to change schools for only one year, therefore, it would be a further unjust punishment for a very unfortunate guy.

Instead, despite the assurances of most of the teachers, “Marco is promoted,” says his mother. Not only: “We are suggested to enroll him in an industrial technical institute in the San Siro area, on the other side of the city. My son cannot move by himself, it is unthinkable to make him make a two-hour round trip every day ». The school raises a wall, does not accept any dialogue, indeed it seems that it is in a hurry to get rid of that pupil. On May 23rd, Marco’s mother received the following email from the deputy director of secondary school: «Dear Madam, we have learned your intention not to visit the institute recommended by us and not to consider enrolling in that school. The class council met the other day and your son will still be promoted, so know that from September he won’t have a school to go to. Cordial greetings”. A fundraiser was opened on the Splitted online platform to help Marco’s family pay legal fees.

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