Mps: also in Milan the protest of bank employees – Economy

Mps: also in Milan the protest of bank employees – Economy
Mps: also in Milan the protest of bank employees – Economy

(ANSA) – MILAN, SEPTEMBER 24 – The employees of Monte dei Paschi di Siena also took to the streets in Milan as part of the national unrest that saw marches also in Bari, Rome and Siena. In the Lombard capital, in front of the institute’s headquarters in Piazza Fontana, over 200 workers took to the streets from 8.30-11.30 (organizers’ data) and local and corporate trade unionists. The initiative was unified: it was launched by First Cisl, Fisac ​​Cgil, Uilca Uil, Fabi and Unisin.

Various workers and union leaders from all organizations took turns talking.

“The exclusion of the Representatives of 21,000 workers from the ongoing discussion on the fate of the MPS Group is serious, the silence of the Mef which is negotiating exclusively with Unicredit a corporate transaction with uncertain and indefinite outlines, the absence of clarifications on possible alternative options, the determination of the shareholder state to respect the commitment made with Europe for the exit from the Bank’s capital by the end of the year and despite the lack of recovery “, underlined, among others, Gabriele Poeta Secretary General of Lombardy Fisac-Cgil.

Employees “in these years of crisis have been the real support of the Bank and the Group with their work, their professionalism and even substantial economic sacrifices.

It is thanks to their dedication that customers have maintained the indispensable relationship of trust with Mps. They therefore have the right to be called to play an active and preventive role in the discussion that affects their lives and their families. They do not intend to delegate the protection of their interests and the guarantees of a sustainable future to anyone. They deserve listening and respect “. (ANSA).


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Mps Milan protest bank employees Economy

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