Salomon Running Milano arrives, it runs from 26 September.

Salomon Running Milano arrives, it runs from 26 September.
Salomon Running Milano arrives, it runs from 26 September.

It is at the starting desks there Salomon Running Milano, the urban trail most loved by Italians, scheduled Sunday 26 September. The presentation of the event took place on 22 September at the PwC Tower of the CityLife Park in Milan.

As always I am thousands of runners are expected on the streets and in the parks of Milan, which on their route, consisting of a single tour, will find asphalted roads, dirt roads, paths, bleachers and natural obstacles.

The event will be held in maximum health safety on the subject of Covid-19. In fact, as per the provisions of the Federation of Athletics, all participants must be in possession of a Green Pass, together with other health provisions provided for by the same federal protocol such as spacing, use of the mask for the first 500 meters and temperature measurement.

The Expo village, site at CityLife, dedicated to bib delivery it will open already on Friday afternoon from 13 to 18.30, Saturday from 10 to 18.30 and Sunday from 7.30 to 13. Bib collection possible until Sunday at 9.15 and possible on this day only for residents outside the region or those who will not be able to go in the previous days .

Company that has always been the organizer of the Salomon Running Milano is A&C Consulting. Now after the signal for the restart of the running world of the 2020 edition, the same scenarios are back with a renewed look, thanks to the new distances and several Announcements on the route.


Many new features, starting with the distances: a range of four possibilities to allow everyone to participate, based on their level of training.

They will run on Sunday morning there PwC Top Cup 21 km with start at 8.30, race that assigns the title of Lombardy Regional Trail Champion, CityLife Fast Cup 15 km starting at 9.00, CityLife Smart Cup 9.9 km at 9.30 and Monzino Run 5 km at 10 am, the latter linked to a fundraising project for research in support of the Monzino Cardiology Center in Milan. The departure for all distances will be from the CityLife park, precisely from via Stratos and the arrival always inside CityLife.

With the exception of the PwC Top Cup 21 km, participation in all other races does not require a competitive membership and the presentation of a competitive medical certificate.

“A race that combines the passion for sport with that for our city, offering new and innovative routes for both those who love to keep fit and for professionals – he has declared Roberta Guaineri, Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Milan -. In particular, the Salomon Running being a trail, or rather a ride in nature, gives a different image of the city than usual, by a Milan to be traveled not only on the plains but also uphill, and to be admired from above. An unmissable event for thousands of runners to run together in the green spaces of our city and at the same time support the important research project of the Monzino Cardiology Center “.

Salomon Running is a key event on the Milanese sports calendar and we are happy to host it again for this edition in the CityLife public park, which is confirmed as an increasingly attractive reference for city marathons and for all running enthusiasts. Sport is an extraordinary opportunity to spread the culture of well-being and sociality, values ​​that we share and that characterize the activities that CityLife promotes and hosts throughout the year “, he said. Giorgio Lazzaro, CityLife Commercial Marketing Director.

Andrea Toselli, President and CEO of PwC Italia he commented: “We have welcomed with great enthusiasm the opportunity to host in our workspaces at PwC la Salomon Running, an initiative that brings together sporting passion and the city of Milan. Our Tower in Citylife, which we live as a place open to community initiatives and to the service of the city, will offer a totally new path to the participants. At PwC we believe in the value of sport and we are committed to promoting its principles on a daily basis. We are therefore happy to be able to offer runners a unique view of Milan, to be admired from above after an uphill run. We have chosen to host this initiative also because we believe that in this historical moment it represents a beautiful testimony of the country’s great desire to restart. “

The President of Fidal Lombardia also spoke Gianni Mauri: “It will be a valid race for the Lombardy Regional Trail Championship also for the Senior categories. These are the events that bring sport, running and athletics to the heart of Milan, outside the stadiums ”.


It is a challenging race in which the two types of athletes, those who fly on the asphalt and those who love climbs, descents and trails. This year the distance of the main race of the event rises from 18km last year to 21km, with the return of climbing a Tower to make the challenge more fascinating. In practice, a competitive half marathon, embellished, as always, by fascinating passages and which this year assigns the title of Regional Trail Champion.

For several years, one of the main features of the event has been having to face dozens of floors and hundreds of steps of the magnificent Torri at CityLife. A challenge that always puts adrenaline and unknown in the race of all participating athletes, from the strongest to the last classified. This year the participants who will test themselves in the PwC Top Cup 21 km will face the Torre PwC, the “curved” tower that characterizes the profile of the CityLife Park in Milan. Having become the property of PwC, a multinational company that provides management and strategic consulting services, auditing and legal and tax consulting in 158 countries, it is 31 stories high and 175 meters high.

Athletes “will climb” 18 floors of the PwC Tower starting from level -3 to reach the 15th floor. Overall between descent and ascent they will challenge and they will face 800 steps, for an elevation of 67 m D + during the ascent and 60 m in the descent, as the return to the route will take place at the zero floor.

Departure and arrival will be for the first time inside the CityLife Park, precisely in via Demetrio Stratos. It will go straight to the Mi.Co. Congress Center, which will be crossed twice, outward and return. From here we proceed towards the Hatch and Piazza Gino Valle, the largest square in Milan. More meters and road on the Iper Bridge to get to the helical cone of the Alfa Romeo Industry Park, a passage that always pleases and that marks the entry into the heart of the race. After the ’round trip’ of the cone, the runners will move towards the Center XXV Aprile where there is a lap on the 400-meter track to permanently warm up the legs before tackling and reaching the top of the Monte Stella, known by the Milanese as the ‘Montagnetta of San Siro‘, through a whole new path with spectacular passages but to which to give the right attention.

You return by still treading the Iper Bridge to head again towards the Mi.Co. and in succession within the Vigorelli Velodrome. The route is confirmed as challenging but very spectacular and will take the athletes, in the last kilometers, to the heart of the CityLife Park. Here we will finally face the Torre PwC. Once out of the Tower it is time for the last glorious kilometer before crossing the finish line victorious and happy.


It is the right mix, suitable for the sprinter athlete and for those who like to measure themselves over distance. We will go up, we will go down, we will exploit the various lands of the Lombard capital with the promise of dynamism and never get bored.

The path of the CityLife Fast Cup 15 km largely follows that of PwC Top Cup 21 km. The athletes will start from the CityLife Park, located in via Demetrio Stratos. From here they will parade towards the Mi.Co. to reach the Portello and Piazza Gino Valle, known for being the largest square in Milan. Cross the Iper Bridge to join the helical cone of the Alfa Romeo Industry Park, an effort that ends on the blue track of Campo XXV Aprile where the athletes will complete a lap and then go to the Monte Stella park without climbing to the top of the small mountain. difference of the subscribers to the PwC Top Cup 21 km.

The return to CityLife takes place through a new passage inside the Mi.Co. and a tour inside the Vigorelli Velodrome from which you quickly parade towards the finish line in CityLife, in this case without climbing the Torre PwC. The path of the CityLife Fast Cup 15 km therefore, it represents the right mix for the sprinter athlete and the one who still loves to run kilometers. We will go up, we will go down, we will exploit the different terrains that Milan offers with the promise of never getting bored.


It is the race open to all sportsmen who want to run a classic distance on a path that is not at all classic, dynamic and that does not give the time to get bored.

The path of the CityLife Smart Cup 9.9 km largely overlaps with that of the CityLife Fast Cup 15 km. Departure and arrival from CityLife and passage in iconic sections. After crossing the Mi.Co., the athletes will tread the Hyper Bridge to reach the helical cone and from here they will head towards the Vigorelli Velodrome. Unlike those enrolled in the 15 km CityLife Fast Cup, the athletes of the 9.9 km CityLife Smart Cup will not cover the lap inside the Centro XXV Aprile and Monte Stella. The race is open to all athletes who want to run a classic distance on a path that is not at all classic, in full style Salomon Running Milano.


Back again this year in support of the Foundation IEO-MONZINO to support the Research of the Monzino Cardiology Center. The combination of running and heart arises from the fact that physical activity is one of the most important forms of prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Monzino Run 5 km it will be an opportunity to raise funds to reach new goals in the fight against heart disease and to celebrate together 40 years of Monzino Cardiology Center, a special moment to dedicate to health, solidarity and also an opportunity to take care of your heart. 2 euro of each registration of all the competitions will be donated to the IEO-MONZINO Foundation which will support the research projects of the Monzino Cardiology Center.


Salomon enriches the race pack of the participants with a technical chief in which high quality blends with style. The T-shirt that will remind the athletes of the fatigue and the emotions of the race is white and shows on the front i stylized iconic race traits through the main points of interest. Drops of color fuchsia, yellow, blue and red refer to the colors of the logo of the event. Athletes registered by 31 August were able to request the customization of the back of the T-shirt through the addition of your name, a novelty that tells the commitment of the organizers in paying attention to details they like.


On the YouTube channel of the event it is possible to follow the episodes in which we tell the journey through the voices of our testimonials Cristina Turini and Cesare Monetti, Elena Zanzottera and Benedetta Pastore, Maria Righetti and Davide Magnini, Marco Zaffaroni and the legendary Francesco Panetta, Gianluca Rossi and Giorgio Lazzaro, Silvia Genova and Massimo Ambrosini, Salvatore Gambino and Dario Domeniconi.


Registrations are already open on the website Online registration closes on 23 September while at the Expo Village on 25 September it will not be possible to register on site on the day of the event.


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