Laura Ziliani killed for money, her daughters and their lover arrested. The appeal to those who saw it

Laura Ziliani killed for money, her daughters and their lover arrested. The appeal to those who saw it
Laura Ziliani killed for money, her daughters and their lover arrested. The appeal to those who saw it

Laura Ziliani she was killed for money: her daughters and a boy, the eldest’s partner, were arrested. Two sisters who become alleged murderers of the mother, directed by the boyfriend of one who also hid a relationship with the second. For those who investigate it is a “criminal threesome“. Thus the investigating judge of the Court of Brescia Alessandra Sabatucci defines the sisters Silvia and Paola Zani e Mirto Milani, companion of the eldest and lover of the younger. All three arrested and from this morning in jail in the capital on charges of killing Laura Ziliani, the former Temù vigilante, 55 years old and widow since 2012.

The woman disappeared on May 8

The woman had disappeared on May 8 precisely in Temù in Alta Vallecamonica and the body was found exactly three months later, on August 8, also in the Brescia area, hidden among the vegetation near the Oglio river. The girls, aged 27 and 19, are two of the victim’s three daughters.

The motive

The identified motive for this crime accrued within the family is of an economic nature. “The three suspects had a clear interest in replacing Laura Ziliani in the administration of a vast real estate portfolio in order to solve their respective economic problems”, reads the 38 pages of the precautionary order with reference to the dozen properties available to the victim. between the city and Vallecamonica.

The eldest daughter who denounced the woman’s disappearance had called the carabinieri on 8 May at 11.58 and explained that her mother had gone out for a walk in the mountains around 7 in the morning and had never returned.

The manipulator

Mirto Milani, 27, is identified as the manipulator of the Zani sisters, “who, failing for character reasons to oppose the maternal will, preferred to suppress the parent rather than openly disagree with her about the management of a large real estate assets”. On July 7, Paola Zani, the youngest of the arrested sisters, speaking to a friend explains that she is worried because with the computer seized by the Prosecutor “Mirto on a crime channel has done research on how to kill people, poisonous plants, perfect crimes, serial killers and torture ».

The autopsy

The autopsy on the mother’s body had not shown any signs of violence or even fractures, but the toxicological examination revealed that in the body of Laura Ziliani there were traces of bromazepam, a benzodiazepine compound. “It’s a circumstantial investigation. Ours is a hypothesis that at the moment we believe founded thanks also to the identification of the traces of substances that probably determined the cause of death or contributed to its determination, “explained the chief prosecutor of Brescia Francesco Prete.

The investigations

According to the investigations, as early as mid-April the three had tried to poison Laura Ziliani with a herbal tea at the end of a dinner. “The episode in question – writes the investigating judge – is nothing but the prodrome of the murder”. Among the clues against the two daughters of Laura Ziliani and the eldest’s boyfriend, the heaviest is that relating to the discovery of the victim’s left shoe after on May 23 rescuers found the right shoe near a stream, not far from where in August the body was found. On May 25, a resident of Temù sees Silvia Zani and her boyfriend Mirto Milani enter a wooded area. The carabinieri are notified that the same day they find Laura Ziliani’s left shoe in the bush and narrow the circle of investigations. Until today’s arrest, triggered due to the danger of the crime being repeated by the suspects “who – according to the records – have shown an uncommon coldness in spite of their young age and uncensoredness”.

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The appeal to those who saw it

Silvia and Paola Zani, a 27-year-old employee and a 19-year-old student, are two of Laura Ziliani’s three daughters. They live together between the house in Brescia where they were arrested today and that of Temù, in Vallecamonica, where Mirto Milani, 27 years old, boyfriend of his elder sister, and living in Roncola San Bernardo, in the province of Bergamo, also spent a lot of time with them. . Originally from Calolziocorte (Lecco), Mirto has a degree in Psychology and studied at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan. A soprano, he plays the organ in the parish church of his village. He met Silvia Zani about ten years ago during a study holiday in the United Kingdom. The young man slept very frequently at his girlfriend’s house, except on weekends when Laura Ziliani joined her daughters. On May 7, the day before the woman’s disappearance, he spent the evening and then the night in the same apartment, where he had breakfast the next day. In the last period he had been very interested in the financial situation of Ziliani, so much so that he wanted to personally manage some of the victim’s properties.

The investigations have reconstructed the very close and confidential relationship between Mirto and both sisters. From the 38 pages of the pre-trial detention order, a very contrasting profile of the two girls emerges video appeal granted to the cameras of the Rai3 broadcast «Who has seen»In the days of research. The Zani sisters, in tears and very shaken, begged: «Anyone who has any information come and report it, because anything could help us find it. I beg you. Whatever report you have, even if you have just seen it, please tell us, because it could be very little to direct the research in the right direction ».

An emotional involvement that contrasts a lot with a telephone wiretapping reported in the ordinance: twenty days after the death of their mother, the sisters congratulated each other for the money they would soon collect. They talked about the possibility of giving an advance to buy a car and a vacation. “A lot of stuff, too cool,” they said to each other in a phone call. According to the investigators, their exchange shows “the absence of any disturbance about the fate of the mother and their only concern seems to be turned to the economic aspects of the affair”.

Laura Ziliani, the body was without clothes and with a shaved head: the yellow of Val Camonica

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