Employment Centers Emilia Romagna: competition for 85 places

Employment Centers Emilia Romagna: competition for 85 places
Employment Centers Emilia Romagna: competition for 85 places

New job opportunities in the administrative sector in Emilia Romagna, thanks to the competition for 85 places intended for Employment centers of the region.

The public announcement is aimed at graduates, and the selected candidates will be recruited by means of a training contract and fixed-term work.

Applications must be submitted by October 29, 2021. Here is the announcement to download and the useful information to submit the application for admission.


The Emilia Romagna Regional Employment Agency, therefore, has launched a competition for Employment Centers aimed at recruiting the following resources:

  • n. 85 units of Assistants in Labor Policies, category C / C1, to be assigned to Territorial Services, with a 10-month training and work contract (CFL).

The selected resources will then be used in information activities, job orientation, job search support and in the management of administrative procedures in several areas.

It is also specified that the reserve of 25 places to be allocated to the Armed Forces.


The following will therefore be assigned for each province number of seats (subject to subsequent possible changes) at the offices of the Employment Centers specified below:

BOLOGNA: 19 seats

  • Alto Reno Terme;
  • Bologna;
  • Imola;
  • Minerbio;
  • San Giovanni in Persiceto;
  • San Lazzaro di Savena;
  • Zola Predosa.

FERRARA: 4 seats

  • Alto Ferrarese;
  • Lower Ferrara;
  • Ferrara.

FORLì – CESENA: 7 seats

  • Cesena;
  • Forlì;
  • Savignano sul Rubicone.

MODENA: 23 seats

  • Carpi;
  • Castelfranco Emilia;
  • Mirandola;
  • Modena;
  • Pavullo nel Frignano;
  • Sassuolo;
  • Vignola.

PARMA: 11 places

  • Borgo Val di Taro;
  • Fidenza;
  • Langhirano;
  • Parma.

PIACENZA: 9 seats

  • Castel San Giovanni;
  • Fiorenzuola D’arda;
  • Piacenza.

RAVENNA: 3 seats


  • Castelnovo ne ‘Monti;
  • Correggio;
  • Guastalla;
  • Montecchio Emilia;
  • Reggio Emilia;
  • Scandiano.

RIMINI: 2 seats


To participate in the competition for the Employment Centers of Emilia Romagna, the following requirements are required by the candidates:

  • enjoyment of civil and political rights;
  • absence of definitive criminal convictions for crimes against the Public Administration;
  • not having been dismissed for disciplinary reasons by a Public Administration;
  • age no less than 18 and no more than 32 years not completed;
  • physical fitness to carry out the functions inherent to employment;
  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of another EU country or other citizenship provided that they meet the additional requirements set out in the announcement;
  • diploma of five-year upper secondary education.


The public selection of candidates will therefore take place on the basis of the following exam tests:

  • preselection (if any): if the number of applications is higher than 500, you will have to play a remote test (due to the epidemiological situation from Covid-19) with multiple choice questions of general knowledge and aptitude;
  • written test: will consist in solving aptitude tests and multiple choice questions in the subjects listed in the notice available at the end of the article;
  • oral exam: interview on the subjects of the written test and on the further arguments listed in the announcement.


The winners of the selection will therefore be summoned for recruitment by training and work contract, according to the order of the merit ranking which will remain valid for 2 years. It is a coordinated contract with a training project aimed at the acquisition of a specific profession and a more immediate job placement.

The employment contract will have a total duration of 10 months with theoretical training periods not less than 10 hours, such as to provide workers with all the tools to be used in the context of employment policies. However, the administration will be able to transform the permanent contract before the following conditions:

  • successful planning of professional needs similar to those covered by the contract;
  • positive evaluation of the service manager regarding the results and attitudes shown.


To apply for the Emilia Romagna competition for employment centers, it is necessary to submit the application for admission through a specific application telematic procedure, reachable on this page with the SPID access credentials. The application must be submitted by 1pm on October 29, 2021.

We also point out that to participate in the selection it is necessary to have an ordinary e-mail address and a mailbox. certified mail (PEC). Those who do not have it can activate it in just 30 minutes via the PEC activation service, all the information on this page.

Finally, all the instructions for completing the application will be provided at the link for completing the application form. Further details on how to submit the application for admission are given in the announcement.


Those interested in taking part in the competition for places at the Employment Centers in Emilia Romagna are therefore invited to carefully read the relative NOTICE (Pdf 385 Kb).


All the subsequent communications relating to the selection procedure will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Emilia-Romagna Electronic Region and on the Institution’s institutional website, on the ‘Regulations> calls and notices’ page, in the section relating to the competition in question.


Continue to follow us and, to find out about the other public competitions active in Emilia Romagna, consult our page. Furthermore, to stay up to date and receive preview news, we invite you to subscribe to the free newsletter and the Telegram channel.

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