Clear all occupations, Michetti zero tolerance – Time

Clear all occupations, Michetti zero tolerance – Time
Clear all occupations, Michetti zero tolerance – Time

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September 24, 2021

The Jubilee of 2025 as a fundamental moment both for the attractiveness of the city of Rome, but also for its historical vocation as the cradle of Christianity. This is what transpires from the words of the center-right candidate for mayor for the capital Enrico Michetti, who in a note wanted to underline the importance of the Holy Year. «The importance of the Jubilee is being underestimated – he said – by offering a too secular reading of the event. It is important to be ready in terms of infrastructures and services, but it is even more important to offer a message of peace and serenity that should always pervade the soul of us Catholics, but above all it should have stable access to political places ».

And he adds: “It should not be overlooked that the Jubilee represents a splendid occasion to remember how much Catholic inspiration has contributed to alleviate the particularly intense social conflict, especially in the post-war period, placing the themes of work, freedom, family and development at the center. economic, with indissoluble attention to social problems ». Therefore, “living the Jubilee in the entirety of its values ​​represents for a Catholic engaged in politics both a starting point and a point of arrival”. As for the programmatic objectives, then, speaking to Radio Rock, the lawyer returned to focus on the stadiums of Rome and Lazio. «As soon as I take office – he emphasized – I will open a conference of services which, if no problems are identified, will give the two projects public utility within the first 100 days of the council. For Roma I believe that Ostiense is the best solution, I find both the Gazometro area and that of the former General Markets suitable. For Lazio I see Flaminio as a natural solution ».

Another theme, then, is that of occupied properties: «There is no discrimination. I am for the removal of all that is abusive. Are there any occupations by 30 social centers and one by Casapound? We must remove everything ». And then he added: «In any case, I am not for traumatic solutions, evictions are fine but if not accompanied by supportive policies they only shift the problem. It also applies to the Roma. Zero tolerance on unauthorized activities of any kind, the principle of legality must be above all else ».

As for possible names that could be involved in the administrative experience, Michetti observes: «Antonio Guidi will have an important role in the administrative team because he was a minister and knows the problems of disability firsthand. I think it is right that I have those who experience these problems personally assist me. We will promise ten things instead of a hundred, but we will do them ». And therefore also the name of the former Minister of the Family of the first Berlusconi government enters the rose, where the names of Simonetta Matone, prosindaco in pectore, and Vittorio Sgarbi, who should hold the position of councilor for culture, already stand out. Yesterday, however, also saw a question and answer at a distance between Virginia Raggi and Giorgia Meloni. To the mayor of Rome, who had portrayed herself as an “embankment” to the right, the president of the Brothers of Italy replied: “It is a pity that the Romans ask for an embankment to the holes, the dirt, the inefficiencies and the continuous inconveniences and disasters of which they have been victims in the last 5 years of the grillina administration. The embankment to Virginia Raggi and to her incompetence is called Enrico Michetti ».

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