Forza Italia VdA: “Tax reform becomes a priority among priorities”

“In addition to a new social and economic pact that puts work at the center, in the autumn season that has now started will need to be addressed urgently, the tax question in a determined and resolute manner, also as regards the operations of collection of both the tax bills and the installments scheduled for the current year. On the other hand, as Premier Draghi rightly stated, in this particular historical phase it is not the time to ask for further sacrifices from families and businesses, but it is time to provide them with the tools to restart and to look to the future with serenity and confidence ”.

To write, in a note, the regional coordination of Forza Italia Aosta Valley, through his sector manager, the lawyer Orlando Navarra, who comments in this way on the fact that, as of last September 6, at least 800 thousand taxpayers, including Valle d’Aosta, were unable to comply with the payment terms of the payments of the installments of the scrapping of the tax bills for 2020.

And the next one November 30 – add the Azzurri – the script must be respected for all the installments of 2021, which is why it is necessary to put citizens in a position to pay by deferring the installments, pending thedesired Pace tax.

“Ours is an appeal for the tax reform to become a priority among the priorities of all political forces that make up the Draghi Government – explains Navarra -, also in light of the great success achieved by the collection of signatures promoted by Forza Italia for a fairer tax and ‘friend’ of businesses, families and workers, who in Valle d’Aosta, during the gazebos organized in the summer on the territory, saw the adhesion of over 1,200 Valle d’Aosta people”.

Reason for which, the lawyer closes, “we need to act and act now also because, in a time already of economic and financial crisis due to the effects of the Covid-19 health emergency, the possible non-payment of installments by taxpayers it risks unleashing a dangerous chain reaction also on credit, with negative repercussions on access to any financing and bank liquidity channels, as well as the impossibility for companies to obtain the single document of contribution regularity, the so-called Durc. Supporting the entire productive fabric to grow, in the Aosta Valley as in the rest of Italy, can only be done if it is helped to to catch up with the taxman without punitive methods, not being able to ask someone to pay what you already know will not be able to honor ”.

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