“Italy’s central role in biogas production”

The energy transition is not only a necessary path, but a possible one. This is the message that emerges from the discussion of stakeholders who are committed alongside agriculture to achieve the decarbonisation objectives, at the conclusion of the sixth edition of Biogas Italy, promoted by Cib – Italian Biogas Consortium.

Italy has a central role in Europe for the production of biogas – he stressed Piero Gattoni in the conclusions of Biogas Italy – Farming for Future it represents a project based on concrete actions capable of stimulating, with renewed impetus, new investments in the Italian agri-food chain for the development of new renewable gas markets. From the two days of Biogas Italy it emerged that, both at an institutional and production level, the work we have done in recent years has helped to outline today’s guidelines “.

“If on the one hand the Cib – Italian Biogas Consortium will continue to promote the Biogasfattobene model, on the other hand to effectively implement the measures contained in the Pnrr each farm must be allowed to express its renewable production potential, be it in the form of electricity or biomethane, according to its peculiarities and taking into account the local territorial context “, he added.

The renewed alliance between the excellence of the Italian agricultural and industrial sector was at the center of the second day. “The world of business and industry is launched towards an important path of sustainability and sees agriculture as its ally to start this journey. Today is a decisive moment and a change of pace is needed for the future: more listening skills of the needs of companies, constant dialogue with local areas and, above all, commitment to a greater investment capacity in order to be able to contribute positively to the economic revival of the country “, said Angelo Baronchelli, vice president of Cib – Italian Biogas Consortium.

From the comparison of the different dialogue tables of the day it emerged how the ambitious development trajectories require a reflection on the current state of the market to address and overcome the critical issues encountered to date and better define the regulatory framework taking into account the evolution of the sector and its various components. In this context, it also emerges that the Italian renewable gas sector has carved out an important space for itself and will be able to make a decisive contribution to achieving the decarbonisation objective, particularly in sectors that are difficult to electrification.

Harmen Dekker, director of Eba – European Biogas Association, intervened underlining the important role of Italy in Europe for the production of biogas. “Agroecology will be important for energy production and CO2 recovery – said Dekker – Our forecast is that 124 billion cubic meters of production will be reached at European level, therefore it will be necessary to work on infrastructures and that this resource is exploited both at an industrial and civil level “.

The new evolutionary scenario envisaged by the European political agenda and the measures implemented by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan outline new trajectories that will allow the full use of all the national agricultural production potential. As pointed out by Luca Ventorino, technical secretariat of the Energy and Climate Department of the Ministry of Ecological Transition: “The measures of the NRP are a strong and concrete signal of the institutions’ intentions to favor the development of renewables, including biomethane for which the goal is to reach 3.5 billion cubic meters per year produced by 2026, enhancing the existing plant assets through reconversions “.

“We are aware of what the country can do nationally and globally. The agricultural sector can have all the potential to be the vector of change that affects the entire nation. The ‘Farming For Future’ project promoted by Cib – Italian Biogas Consortium is an important vehicle for this change of gear, reminding us that Italy is the third largest producer of biogas from the agri-food sector in Europe. It’s a game to play and one that we can win, “he said Francesco Battistoni, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

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