Already 800 quarantined classes, Anief: the return of all pupils in attendance failed before leaving

Already 800 quarantined classes, Anief: the return of all pupils in attendance failed before leaving
Already 800 quarantined classes, Anief: the return of all pupils in attendance failed before leaving

For the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi teachers and students in quarantine are “very few”, but the (first) numbers deny it: the specialized press writes it, claiming that in these days “the return to class has been completed”, but ” the perplexity of the tightness of the system spreads among the insiders ”.

The situations of infections in various Italian regions are reported in La Repubblica: from Emilia Romagna (close contacts are in quarantine) passing through Lazio which would like to follow this line (which also includes, in the event of a negative buffer for all the others, immediate return to school). In Veneto, however, only the infected go home in order to avoid generalized Dad. In Tuscany, on the other hand, automatic isolation is envisaged for the entire class group. In fact, only a week has passed and the figure, compared to last year, is increasing (there were 400 in the same period). “It is therefore legitimate to think that people travel around 800 quarantines throughout Italy”, says Orizzonte Scuola.

“A few days after the start of the school year – comments Marcello Pacifico, national president of Anief – it can be said with certainty that the commitment made by the Government and the central school administration to bring all pupils back in attendance and say goodbye to distance learning failed before being put to the test. We already have thousands of pupils and students in quarantine and the autumn season, with the first colds, which will bring the greatest dangers of contagion, is yet to arrive. We have been saying it, unheard, for months: we had to act on distancing, doing everything to keep pupils away, thus reducing the number per class, increasing the capacity of the classrooms and making more staff available to schools. It was not done, everything was staked on the Green Pass, thinking, wrongly, that it was the panacea for all ills and that it would be enough to protect against infections. At this point, considering that there is no longer the time to act, we hope that at least those who govern the school will decide to direct the funding of the Recovery Plan that the European Union is preparing to send us to these needs. Otherwise – concludes Pacifico – the bankruptcy will be complete, even for the future ”.

Doubts begin to emerge, even among public opinion, about the guarantees that the administration has made regarding the return of school in the presence for all pupils. The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, in the Chamber, assured that there are “very few” teachers and students in quarantine. But is it really so? The official numbers, according to what ministerial sources cited by La Repubblica reveal, do not exist. So what are the real figures? We rely on regional reports and news from news agencies. For example, in Veneto there are already over 100 quarantined classes, in Lombardy at least 80, in Liguria over 25, in Basilicata more than 20. Also in Piedmont we are already over 50 (with 4 outbreaks). Then there are several dozen cases in Lazio and Sardinia.

According to Anief, these data are nothing more than the consequence of the gatherings that schools carry out in schools: just yesterday, Cittadinanzattiva said that we have 450 thousand students who study in 17 thousand classes in groups of more than 25 units, compared to 366 thousand classes. Instead of addressing the problem, however, what does the Ministry of Education do? He cares about classes with fewer than 15 pupils: those which, according to the most authoritative pedagogical studies and also according to the current regulations on safety for the safety of people and for the protection of health, should be the norm. The truth, insisted the leader Anief Marcello Pacifico, is that it was necessary to intervene on the number of pupils per class, halving it, and enlarge the spaces, considering that on average we have classrooms of 35 square meters. Focusing on the illegitimate Green Pass was a serious mistake. Let’s hope now in the Recovery Plan: there is a need to work on the classes, on the cancellation of the Ministerial Decree of 18.12.1975, on the increase of structures and staff ”.

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