Caserta, they beat children to injure them and simulate road accidents

Caserta, they beat children to injure them and simulate road accidents
Caserta, they beat children to injure them and simulate road accidents

twelve o’clock, September 23, 2021 – 10:51 am

Six people arrested: in one case it was the mother, together with two other suspects, who caused the injuries to her 11-year-old son

from Felice Naddeo

A system organized in a capillary manner, to defraud insurance companies by reporting road accidents that never actually occurred. In which, often, also minors were involved. Who came to the emergency room injured, often seriously, not from a crash between cars but because they were beaten to cause trauma that must have been caused by the simulated accident. The organization was dismantled by an investigation by the Caserta carabinieri, coordinated by the magistrates of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, which led to the arrests of six people (five under house arrest and one in prison) on charges of criminal association aimed at the commission of scams and – given that some members of the gang were also busy in other illicit activities – theft, extortion and drug trafficking.

Two lawyers involved

Among the people involved are two lawyers, who dealt with the paperwork and claims for compensation. The organization also produced false medical certificates, obtained by deceiving hospital health personnel about the injuries reported. The investigation, which began in January 2018 after an attempt to negotiate a cloned check in a post office, also led to the identification of minors who were forced to fake accidents. In all verified cases, these are boys or children related by kinship with the scammers. In a fake accident, an 11-year-old boy was beaten by three of the suspects, including his mother, to cause facial trauma with bruises to the lip and cheekbone and the fracture of two teeth. To the doctors who treated him, they said that the injuries were caused by an accident.

23 September 2021 | 10:51



Caserta beat children injure simulate road accidents

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