Udine, at the inauguration of the school year the teacher blocks the recitation of the Our Father: “It is not allowed”

Motivations of the teacher – The rest of the teaching staff agrees with the interruption of the prayer requested by the teacher in charge of the plexus. The motivation was not to want to hurt those who have other religious faiths.

The controversy breaks out – “The prayer with which we all grew up is considered a ‘politically incorrect’ act, to be prohibited in public – writes regional councilor Piero Mauro Zanin on Facebook, commenting on the incident. – I do not agree with this cultural approach at all. , which with the excuse of not hurting the sensitivity of people who may think differently risks alienating us not only from our values ​​but also from our traditions “.

“In his speech Don Cristiano had called for tolerance towards others, – recalls the regional councilor Mauro Di Bert, who was also present at the inauguration, – explaining that the hour of religion also serves to educate to coexistence. the parish priest did it to guarantee the blessing with rituals that we know, only to stop it in front of everyone “.

The mayor of Precenicco, Andrea De Nicolò, present at the ribbon cutting, also dissociates. “As far as we are concerned, that prayer did not damage the sensitivity of those who embrace other religious confessions, – he reports School horizon, – but indeed, just as it had been placed by the parish priest, it could have been an enrichment. Everyone, I am the first who is a practicing Catholic, was as puzzled as the parish priest: I will soon inaugurate the library and the stands in the sports field with a lot of blessing ”.


Udine inauguration school year teacher blocks recitation Father allowed

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