Zetema remove Raggi’s latch election sign

Thursday 23 September 2021 – 10:30 am

Rome, Pd: Zetema to remove Raggi’s latch election sign

“Corecom judged it unnecessary to blow up his photo”

Rome, 23 Sept. (askanews) – “Corecom judged the blow-up of the mayor Raggi linked to the ‘microcredit stories’ event unnecessary for institutional communication. Those institutional billboards, paid for with Roman money through Zetema, are therefore an electoral spot in favor of the mayor of Rome ”. The leader of the Pd group in the Capitoline Assembly, Giulio Pelonzi, writes in a note. “That Raggi cares more about the electoral campaign than the interests of citizens is now known, just look at the nominations in the municipal companies one month after the vote – adds Pelonzi – Zetema complies with the provisions of Corecom and immediately removes those billboards. The mayor respects public money and the rules of a level playing field on the electoral campaign. We are convinced that the citizens of San Basilio and Tor Bella Monaca would like their money to be spent on public works and services and not to have the face of the Rays under their house ”, he concludes.


Zetema remove Raggis latch election sign

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