Change at the top of Fanuc Italia

Change at the top of Fanuc Italia
Change at the top of Fanuc Italia

The group Piovan is the world’s leading player in the development and production of automation of production processes for the storage, transport and treatment of polymers, bio-resins, recycled plastics, food liquids, food and non-food powders. In recent years, the Group has also been particularly active in the development and production of automation systems for production processes related to bio economy and circular economies for the recycling e reuse of plastics and for the production of naturally compostable plastics in the environment, taking advantage of cross-selling opportunities.

Over the years, the Group has extended its presence also infood industry and in industrial refrigeration, transferring all the know-how acquired in the treatment of process fluids and providing transversal solutions for industrial refrigeration and temperature control.

Over the last fifteen years, the Group has consolidated its presence, becoming a multinational reality with 7 factories production in Italy, Germany, Brazil, China and the United States, 33 branches, an international distribution network covering 70 countries and a workforce of 1,161 collaborators in all over the world.

In October 2018, Piovan enters the Italian Stock Exchange: an important step and a new challenge for the Group.

the companies and production sites of Piovan Group are: Piovan, Universal Dynamics, FDM, Piovan do Brasil, Piovan China, Aquatech, Penta-Progema (Italy), Fea and Doteco.

Via delle Industrie, 16 – 30036 Santa Maria di Sala (VE)
Phone: 041 57 99 111 – Fax: 041 57 99 244
Web: – Email: [email protected]


Change top Fanuc Italia

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