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Milan, 22 Sept. (Adnkronos) – Closed during the most difficult months of the Covid19 pandemic, today it was reopened after a complete redevelopment: it is the Suzzani pool, the large facility in the Niguarda area surrounded by the North Park of Milan, which includes two pools of 12 and 25 meters, a fitness room with cardio and isotonic machines, an area for training and fitness classes. It was the most important intervention of MilanoSport, worth about 800 thousand euros: it was made possible by the investments of the Municipality of Milan. In about 150 days of work, the roof covering layers were redone, the new plan and basin of the tub; in addition, the changing room and toilet compartment has been totally renovated with the installation of modern hairdryers, a technology that is now indispensable in gyms and sports areas: these are more modern and long-lasting machinery which, avoiding their continuous replacement, generates less waste in the environment and that will allow quick drying without queuing. The spaces of the fitness gym have been readjusted with new machines available to users and the reception spaces for the public have been reorganized, with a new reception that will ensure greater usability and visibility of the pool. The new appearance of the pool is framed by external works, such as the redevelopment of the roof and the painting of the facade and roof. To complete everything in 2022, the complete renovation of the green areas is expected.

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Milan completely redeveloped Suzzani swimming pool reopens OlbiaNews hours

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