if the fruit scandalizes we are in bad shape, other than a European city

if the fruit scandalizes we are in bad shape, other than a European city
if the fruit scandalizes we are in bad shape, other than a European city

Here it is, a few weeks before the municipal elections, the controversy on the sexual theme. There it is, as expected. This time, more than controversy, nightmare.

To give scandal would be the orange wedges, oysters and bananas with the inscription “If we see it in different forms, it is because there is not only one. Each is perfect. Yours too “. The gimmick comes from Netflix which, to advertise the “Sex Education” series, has posted its own billboards in the Milan subway stations. No itching, just healthy self-acceptance promoted with simple fruit resembling the human genital apparatus, an expedient, this of the anthropomorphic fruit used with allusive purposes, which dates back to the mists of time, to the fig leaf of the Bible.

“Is it acceptable for such posters to be visible to everyone, including children and teenagers? Sex education must be in the family ”he thunders Barbara Mazzali, Lombardy regional councilor of the Brothers of Italy, and it seems to dream.

In the dream there is an episode of a TV broadcast which airs in the first evening slot, the “Big Brother“, Where a young entrepreneur introduces himself, such Gianmaria Antinolfi, who says he is ready to” chiav .. “in front of millions of viewers just to raise the share, and that the only one who” chiavereb .. “, also on the basis of the advice received from friends, she would be a nineteen-year-old competitor, the only passable one within the “scarce supply of females” made available by the production. Also in the dream, within a program seen by 2,578,000 spectators of all ages on 20 September 2021 (Auditel data), there is then the journalist Amedeo Goria, who strips naked without the knowledge of the woman with whom he shares the read, Annette Stephen, also a contestant on the reality show. At a certain point, always in the same dream, Jo Squillo appears, all dressed in black and wearing a niqab mistaken for a burqa that exclaims: “In a moment of joy and lightness we must not forget them. We must create actions of freedom in solidarity, ”she says, towards Afghan women forced to wear the burqa. And here the dream becomes confused, because in the first place the presenter of the program, Alfonso Signorini, although “fed up with politically correct“, He applauds the initiative, but then thinks about it again, and asks Jo Squillo to go and change because seeing her like this” makes sense “.

A strange dream, which came after years of having even stranger dreams, like the one in which a teacher from Turin was fired because of private photos and videos disseminated in a soccer chat by the man, the only recipient of those messages. There must be something wrong with the digestion, if two years after the introduction of the Red Code, every day, we continue to dream on average two episodes of revenge porn, two videos every 24 hours that send around intimate images of young women, increasingly minors, kept in check, threatened and blackmailed by trusted men such as boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, companions.

And in fact it is a diet low in nutritional principles that has been on the table for some time now and that we see both on TV and in public debates. A high-calorie diet, where a single dish acts as a sexuality experienced as a taboo to be relegated to the home, perhaps with the TV on and tuned to “Big Brother”. A sexuality that runs free on the street only when contexts become blackmailers, moral, economic, spectacular, never educational, because in Italy there is room for the authors of “Big Brother” but not for the authors of “Sex Education”. And if even in a city like Milan, defined as “moral capital” since 1881 for the resourcefulness, the civic sense, the tolerance, the solidarity and the pragmatism of its citizens, there is someone who is scandalized by a grapefruit wedge or a banana, that’s it, it is quite clear that we must change our diet and diet. Because this is a heavy, indigestible diet that makes us have bad dreams. Nightmares, come to think of it.

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