School, Carelli (Courage Italy), yes to the figure of the psychologist in the institutes

School, Carelli (Courage Italy), yes to the figure of the psychologist in the institutes
School, Carelli (Courage Italy), yes to the figure of the psychologist in the institutes

“A psychologist in all Italian schools of all levels, to guarantee all students concrete support and intercept all situations of hardship that the pandemic has aggravated”. This is it bill presented to the Chamber on September 17 by the Honorable Emilio Carelli, deputy of Coraggio Italia, during the event “A psychologist in all schools”. An initiative that counts the support of Andis, the National Association of School Managers.

“Mine – said Carelli – is an initiative that I have been thinking about for some time, but that the terrible months of the pandemic have matured even faster, especially after noting the significant increase in situations of discomfort among pupils and students, forced to many months to follow the lessons in DAD, affected by social distancing and for a long time away and isolated from their friends ”.

The school psychologist, as foreseen in this text of the law, becomes a stable and structured presence in every school. An essential figure during the growth of students, who will be able to help school managers and teachers in identifying and managing the children who most need support.

Whether it’s bullying or cyberbullying, eating or behavioral disorders, rather than special educational needs, the role of the school psychologist will be to intercept these situations and to support the students, accompanying them in their path of growth and training.

In addition, he will have the task of identifying any situations of deviance early, playing a supporting role for teachers in solving the problems of developmental age and any relational difficulties existing within the class and between teachers and students.

The psychologist will work in total professional autonomy, organizing their work in collaboration with the head teacher and can play a bridging role between the school world and the pupils’ families, acting as an alarm bell of discomfort or potential pathologies.

Hon. Carelli expressed his commitment to schedule the bill as soon as possible to ensure that it can arrive first in the Commission and then in the Chamber and be discussed and approved quickly.


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