two wounded agents, escaped nomads

two wounded agents, escaped nomads
two wounded agents, escaped nomads

A dangerous and daring chase between the police and a car with six on board rom who didn’t stop at the agents’ halt. The balance sheet is creepy: two policemen ended up in hospital with over twenty days of prognosis. A police car was completely destroyed. The pursuit of a Clio with i nomads it lasted several kilometers along the outskirts of Casilino up to San Basilio. The conclusion came towards via Popoli, taken in the wrong direction by the car of the fugitives, who did not even respect the red lights. Then, the gypsies disappeared into the countryside making them lose their tracks.

Police car off the road, Roma fleeing on foot

The roadblock not respected by the fleeing men was at the beginning of via di Tor Cervara, near via Tiburtina. It was about two o’clock when the chase started. The crew of a steering wheel asked for help from the operations room asking for reinforcements precisely because of a car that did not stop at the halt. More police crews went in pursuit. On a stretch of Via di Tor Cervara the frightening accident. A steering wheel went off the road taking a road sign in full.

“Don’t dirty the road”: Nigerian beaten in Rome by Roma rummaging through bins, it’s very serious

The car is crumpled and the cops got stuck inside. The two had to work hard to get out of the bloody and aching plates. They were rescued by an ambulance staff who transported them to the Cristo Re hospital. After the investigations, the policemen were reported with 21 days of prognosis each for a series of swellings and bruises caused by the frightening accident. Other patrols continued to chase the Nomads’ Clio. There was an approach in via di Rocca Cencia, on the outskirts of Casilino, then the car took via Popoli twice: once in in the wrong direction. The six gypsies managed to escape on foot. There was also an extensive joke in the area. More flying tried to find the fugitives but they managed to disappear into thin air. Evidently these are experienced people from the area that hosts more nomad camps.

He tries to escape the police by hiding in a Roma camp, then wounds two officers: arrested 44 years old

These types of chases happen very often in the city. Always nomads who do not stop and try to escape the controls of the police. It is very likely that they have burglary tools or are carrying stolen goods in their cars. One thing is sure they do not stop at the halt of the police precisely because they are in a situation of illegality. For example, the other night, the Clio was stolen. “It is to be believed – an investigator lets slip – that the group in a stolen car was going to commit something illegal: a theft or a robbery”. In that stretch of countryside, a team of the forensic police also arrived and started looking for some useful traces of the bandits on the abandoned car. Officers may find several fingerprints in the cockpit.

Rome, Roma fleeing on the Tiburtina ram 4 police cars: the chase is like a movie



wounded agents escaped nomads

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