The empty transatlantic, politics wants to reopen it for the race to the Quirinale-

The empty transatlantic, politics wants to reopen it for the race to the Quirinale-
The empty transatlantic, politics wants to reopen it for the race to the Quirinale-
from Francesco Verderami

The hall is now an annex of the hall

After the reopening of the schools only the ocean liner remained closed, as if it were a nightclub. Turned into dependance of the Chamber in the days of the Covid emergency, the icon of a halved Montecitorio, a metaphor for a lobotomized politics. Occupied by two hundred benches transferred from the Hemicycle to guarantee distancing, after more than a year it must be returned to its role and history. Because now there is the vaccine and the Chambers are preparing to adopt the green pass: therefore there is no longer any reason to see this heritage of the Palace and of the country mortified.

And in fact for once Lega and Pd agree, if it is true that the parent company of the Molinari Carroccio is preparing to ask Fico for the release of the ocean liner and the reopening of the bar: It will not be possible to insist on the distancing thesis, given that on train and plane travelers sit next to each other. More or less what the parent company dem Serracchiani claims, which remembers when we were the first to lead by example, at the onset of the pandemic. And now, thanks to the green card, we are anxious like all Italians to return to normalcy, recovering the spaces of life and democracy. Sigh: We miss the sofas a lot.

The red sofas are the symbol of the ocean liner, defined the true soul of representative democracy by Quagliariello, who citing Gaetano Mosca describes the corridor of lost steps as the place where the ruling class meets. l who were born political messes and clandestine love affairs between right and left ladies, at the time when the PCI ordered its deputies not to get acquainted with colleagues from other groups. In the Transatlantic up to slaps between comrades, a measured man like Martinazzoli yelled at the petulant journalist to go to that country strictly calling him her, and the communist Pajetta – fed up with Pannella’s obstruction – threw a table over the radical Tessari.

Today there are no longer those great characters
, but the corridor still needs to be reopened. The moment of the race is approaching and we must host the one thousand and eight great electors who will have to elect the head of state. In the Transatlantic, last-minute betrayals have often taken place, which have upset agreements made in other places. The first plots are already visible. And if on the one hand there is a lot of talk about the axis between Salvini and Renzi, on the other you can see the understanding between Letta and Meloni. The dem Boccia has been working on it for months, it was he who prepared the confidential meeting between the two who – following the rule according to which the enemy of my enemy my friend – then showed up in public to emphasize how the head of state goes chosen together.

And many greetings to the two Matteo. But also to the Cavaliere, given the way in which Meloni insists that a non-partisan figure go to the Quirinale. A member of the dem secretariat whispers that Gianni Letta would be fine, if the grillini decided to vote for him. In any case, that place will be needed, especially if Defense Minister Guerini is right, who told a party mate get ready: the head of state will need many votes. In fact, if they are not Mattarella or Draghi it will be long, it is no coincidence that Casini has been renamed the man of extra time, the candidate who comes after the elimination of the other candidates.

And when the race is over
, the Transatlantic will serve to welcome the newly elected President of the Republic: the ceremonial foresees that the new tenant of the Colle crosses the corridor between two wings of cuirassiers, and escorted by the Presidents of the Chambers, he enters the Chamber to take the oath. Under the eyes of journalists. Here, I would not want the closure to be prolonged to keep journalists away, says Renziano Anzaldi. The chroniclers are part of the community, witnesses of history. It was in their defense that Iotti rejected the idea of ​​banning the access of the ocean liner to the press, which came to some zealous comrades. Fico should be asked, concludes the deputy of IV. And perhaps in Transatlantico the reporters could also ask the President of the Chamber for the authentic interpretation of a sentence, reported by the Agi, which he pronounced on July 21 at the party of the Unit of Naples: It takes a will of the State to eradicate the phenomena of organized crime to the hilt. From the state and the government I often don’t see the mentality to take this bull by the horns.

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