“There is no room for no vax”

“There is no room for no vax”
“There is no room for no vax”

Francesca Donato, the ‘pasionaria no vax’, leaves the League. Made famous by the many appearances on TV and by some very controversial releases, the Venetian MEP explains her choice to abandon Matteo Salvini’s party, but not the Identità e Democrazia group: “I can no longer stay in a party that supports the ‘executive Draghi. The line against the green pass, although shared by a large part of the base, has become a minority: the position of the ministers, with Giorgetti, and of the governors prevails. I am no longer at ease and I take everyone away from the embarrassment ». The reaction of the federal secretary is laconic: “Who goes, I thank him, greet him and best wishes”. Then he returns to exclude his concern for the internal unity of the party, tweeting a series of photos with the governors and the Minister of Development. «Dedicated to those who want us badly. United we win! », He comments.

As for the thesis that Giorgetti’s line is winning, Salvini cuts short: “I don’t comment on fantasies, I comment on reality and reality are bills, taxes, in the fight against the IMU.” In the meantime, in the Chamber, the green group has voted solidly to trust Green pass two. Of course, only time will tell if the release of ‘Lady no-vax’ will remain an isolated case or the first of a series of defections. At least for today no one in the League is tearing up his clothes for his decision. Mouths sewn by the longest wing of the party.

“But there is nothing to like …. It is about someone who joined the League two years ago, better this way …”, a highly experienced Northern League player comments to Montecitorio. And in fact, retracing the political history of Donato, there is only one candidacy, again in the Europeans, in 2014, in his North East, which ended badly with only 6000 preferences. So in 2018 he gets back to politics, leads the Lega club in Palermo – where he has lived since ’99 after his marriage to an entrepreneur in the city – animating the «Progetto Eurexit» association.

In May 2019 he reapplies with the League, again in the European ones, but in the island district. This time she is elected to the European Parliament with 28,460 preferences. Recently, however, some of his unhappy outings have made many in the party turn up their noses: when on TV he compared the phrase of a doctor “the vaccine makes you free” to the motto Arbeit macht frei, visible at the entrance of many Nazi camps, including including the Auschwitz concentration camp, provoked a sea of ​​protests, including that of the Auschwitz Memorial. And again, a few days ago on twitter he joked about the death of a 64-year-old doctor from Covid despite the double dose of the vaccine. Then, reading the words of the doctor’s family, who had appealed for vaccination, he wrote that they were “as credible as a joke.”

Faced with the controversy and the response of the doctor’s daughter, she was forced to delete the post and apologize. On the opposite side, the Friulian governor, Massimiliano Fredriga, openly speaking in favor of the green pass, returns to speak. “It is the tool – he explains to Corriere – that allows us to keep open what was closed a year ago”. Finally, on Radio Capital, he observes that “in the first party of Italy it is normal for there to be different currents, but within the League there is no room for no vax”. Finally, despite the internal tensions, good news for Salvini in Lombardy, where rumors circulate about a diaspora of blue advisors ready to move to the League. For now, only rumors that could be confirmed as early as tomorrow, during a press conference convened by the Northern League secretary in Milan.

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