Milan, danger of collapse: the primary Vallarsa closes – Chronicle

Milan, danger of collapse: the primary Vallarsa closes – Chronicle
Milan, danger of collapse: the primary Vallarsa closes – Chronicle

Milano – From an infiltration of water in Vallarsa primary school the first clue and the bitter discovery: there is a structural problem, the building must be closed immediately for thorough checks. Because if there have not been any failures, the danger of collapse is not excluded and, if in doubt, it is better to avoid risks. The “news” arrived on Monday evening with a letter sent to the parents of the three hundred children who attend the Corvetto elementary school. Lessons are suspended from yesterday morning, when a temporary location was found for them: from Monday they will be hosted by the middle schools in via Oglio – just under a kilometer away – which until Saturday had welcomed the children of the kindergarten, now returned to their new maternal , inaugurated this week.

The technicians of the Municipality had been called to the primary Vallarsa for infiltrations after the rain, which probably have nothing to do with the anomaly. But once on the spot they noticed that there were dips in the roof. So they tried to understand us better, analyzing the situation from the inside: they removed the false ceiling and this operation revealed “a movement of a part of the elements of the roof that could compromise its functionality”, let the Municipality know. It is as if there had been a sliding of the beams of the prefabricated building, built around the seventies, for reasons all to be clarified.

«After further analysis with the structural engineer it was decided to intervene immediately with an ordinary maintenance company“, add from Palazzo Marino, although checks will still be necessary to understand the extent of the problem and how to proceed. From the very first findings, the hypothesis is that the structure can be restored to safety, but at least four months of construction sites are required. In the meantime, with the dean of the comprehensive institute Marco Ortu and the education sector, a replacement building was sought in the Corvetto area that could accommodate all three hundred pupils. “This week it will be done the removal of furniturei by the Municipality and therefore the kids will stay at home. There is no possibility to activate integrated digital teaching in these days “, explained the headmaster in a note, also announcing a meeting with the representatives of the Municipality and the parents, which was then convened for this afternoon in attendance.” We are responsible – underlines the councilor for school building Paolo Limonta, who will participate in the assembly – if critical situations are reported to us, we check immediately and, if necessary and there is only one doubt about safety, we immediately close the school “.

During the summer , due to structural problems, it had been another school closed, Massaua. Both buildings are prefabricated, but made differently. For this reason, for Massawa it was decided to proceed not with a preliminary study of the problem – which alone would have cost 800 thousand euros – but immediately with the demolition and reconstruction of the building, which already needed important and expensive works. In that case, the children were moved to the two new locations in via Scrosati, waiting for their new school in via Strozzi to be built. The beginning of the school year then began with another bad news: copper thieves had taken away a third of the roof of the Meleri nursery school, in the Forlanini area. In that case, however, it was possible to “buffer” the situation with a waterproofing sheath that allowed the children to return to the classroom.

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