3,377 new Covid cases and 67 deaths

3,377 new Covid cases and 67 deaths
3,377 new Covid cases and 67 deaths

The new coronavirus bulletin of the Ministry of Health today Tuesday 21 September 2021 records 3,377 new Covid cases out of 330,275 tests and 67 deaths (but 23 recoveries in Sicily referring to the previous days). Compared to yesterday, there are 3,001 fewer currently positives, with 6,308 people who have overcome the infection. The number of people admitted to intensive care decreased by 7 and by 45 patients admitted to hospital with minor symptoms. L’latest coronavirus bulletin yesterday Monday 20 September recorded 44 deaths and 2,407 new cases out of 122,441 tests.

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Coronavirus, today’s bulletin Tuesday 21 September 2021

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  • New cases: 3,377
  • Swabs (diagnostic and control): 330.275
  • Currently positive: 109,513
  • Hospitalized: 3,937 (-45 compared to yesterday)
  • Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 516 of which 38 new admissions (-7 compared to yesterday)
  • Deaths after a positive swab: 130,421 (+67 compared to yesterday)

Today’s coronavirus bulletin Tuesday 21 September 2021 (Pdf)

  • vaccine: 41,175,922 people equal to 76% of the population over 12 years old. In addition, 6,803 people have already gotten the third dose. The updated vaccine report on the government website.

Coronavirus outbreaks: region-by-region data

Below, from North to South, the data for all the other regions

  • Valle d’Aosta: after more than two months, a death from Covid-19 returns. This is the 93-year-old Milanese woman, not vaccinated, who for some days had been hospitalized in intensive care at the Parini hospital in Aosta. The latest coronavirus victim reported in the Valley dates back to July 13 last. On the other hand, the current cases of contagion drop to 61, the new positives reported in today’s bulletin of the Region and Usl are 6, compared to 8 recovered. At the Parini hospital there are 2 patients, none in intensive care.
  • Piedmont: 225 new cases of people tested positive, one death registered. There are 21 hospitalized in intensive care (- 3 compared to yesterday), not in intensive care there are 199 (- 6 compared to yesterday).
  • Liguria: 59 new positives against 3,489 molecular swabs carried out in the last 24 hours, to which another 5,381 rapid antigenic agents are added. There are 81 patients in hospitals today, 1 fewer than yesterday, including 5 in intensive care. Today’s bulletin records 4 new deaths: the victims since the beginning of the emergency rise to 4,401.
  • Lombardy: 472 cases of covid out of 61,172 tests and 9 deaths. Covid ICU patients drop to 62 (-1), while hospitalized patients increase to 437 (+2).
  • Trentino: the death from Covid of an 89-year-old person who had received the first doses between last February and April was recorded, in addition to the six deaths of vaccinated people over eighty. On the other hand, 29 new infections have been detected in the last hours: 11 new positive cases on 350 molecular swabs and 18 positive on 3,307 rapid antigenic tests. Among the newly infected there are 4 children aged 6-10 and elderly who have contracted the infection (3 are between 60-69 years, 4 between 70-79 years and 1 of 80 and more years). There are 17 patients currently hospitalized in hospitals, of which 2 are in intensive care.
  • South Tyrol: 66 new Covid cases, 34 through 1,053 PCR swabs and 32 through 7,356 antigen tests. There are always 66 new healed. The number of covid patients in normal hospital wards fell from 22 to 19, while the number of intensive care admissions remained stable at nine. 2,220 South Tyroleans are in quarantine. .
  • Veneto: 457 the new positives at Covid confirming the downward trend. The total number of hospitalized patients, on the other hand, rises to 334, seven more than yesterday. Three deaths in the last 24 hours.
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia: on 3,252 molecular swabs, 28 new infections were detected with a positive percentage of 0.86%. There are also 7,640 rapid antigenic tests performed from which 8 cases (0.10%) were detected. Today there are no deaths, 12 people are hospitalized in intensive care while 50 are hospitalized in other departments.
  • Emilia Romagna: in the last 24 hours, 280 new cases of Covid have emerged out of 35,067 swabs and two deaths have been recorded. There are 48 patients admitted to intensive care (+5 compared to yesterday), 411 those in the other Covid departments (-5).
  • Walk: the incidence of positives per 100 thousand inhabitants has dropped below 50 while hospitalizations have risen by one unit (now they are 78). There was a related death – a 64-year-old from Pesaro with previous pathologies – which brings the regional total to 3,067. Currently in the region there are 20 inpatients in intensive care (-1), 19 in semi-intensive care (unchanged) and 39 in non-intensive wards (+2); two discharged.
  • Tuscany: another three deaths from Covid while the new cases detected were 215 with an average age down to 41 years. The currently positive are today 8,080, among them the hospitalized are 389 (+2 people the balance on yesterday) of which 53 in intensive care (+2 people the daily balance).
  • Umbria: 44 new positives on 2,540 swabs and 5,147 antigen tests ascertained, with no new victims and 47 recovered. The current positives are now 1,135, three less than on Monday. One less Covid hospitalized, five of the 50 hospitalized in intensive care.
  • Lazio: out of 9544 molecular swabs and 12317 antigenic swabs, 301 new positive cases are recorded. Five deaths, 434 hospitalized (-8), 53 intensive care (-3) and 936 recovered.
  • Campania: there are 236 new cases of coronavirus from the analysis of 18,697 swabs. The new deaths registered in the last 48 hours are 5; in today’s bulletin released by the Crisis Unit of the Campania Region there is also a further death, which occurred previously but recorded yesterday. There are 16 Covid patients hospitalized in intensive care, 289 Covid patients hospitalized in hospital wards ..
  • Abruzzo: 65 new cases of Covid-19 ascertained by the analysis of 2,547 molecular swabs. The weekly incidence of infections per hundred thousand inhabitants falls, which is now at 37. The occupancy rate of beds is at 3% for intensive care and 6% for the medical area, far from the yellow zone thresholds.
  • Molise: there are 65 new cases of Covid-19 from the analysis of 2,547 molecular swabs. The occupancy rate of the beds is stable at 3% for intensive care and at 6% for the medical area, far from the yellow zone thresholds. The currently positive are 1,958 (-88 compared to yesterday), 82 patients (+1) hospitalized in the medical area and 6 (unchanged) in intensive care. There is a recent death: it is an 86 year old from the province of L’Aquila.
  • Puglia: 110 cases out of 14,436 tests and one death.
  • Basilicata: 41 Covid positives on 937 swabs processed yesterday 20 September. On the same day, 33 recoveries and three deaths were recorded, two in Venosa and one in Noepoli. The number of people admitted to Lucanian hospitals has risen to 59, of which three are in intensive care at the San Carlo di Potenza.
  • Calabria: 128 positives out of 3,806 tests. Three victims with the total since the beginning of the pandemic rising to 1,379. In hospitals, in the balance between discharges and new admissions, patients in the medical area increase by 4 (178) while those in intensive care decrease by 2 (13).
  • Sicily: 492 new cases out of 17,814 swabs and 23 deaths compared to which the Region reports that only one refers to today. The current positive 20,439, the hospitalized with symptoms are 646, 90 in intensive care, 4 of the day.
  • Sardinia: 41 confirmed cases out of 2,362 people tested. There are no new deaths. On the island there are 17 patients hospitalized in intensive care units (one less than yesterday), 178 those hospitalized in the medical area (10 fewer than yesterday). Finally, 3,126 are the cases of home isolation (245 fewer than yesterday) ..

Coronavirus, the latest news

  • The government extended the state of emergency until December 31st.
  • The Green pass will also be extended to workplaces from 15 October.

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